11 ways for using Twitter effectively

11 ways  for using Twitter effectively

Since Google has said howdy Twitter, how about we show what your users are saying in their tweets, I felt it was a good idea to look at how you can use Twitter effectively ( and not look like a spammer and <gasp> not look like a doofus).


doofus bear with text about twitter

You might not have known that Twitter was appearing on mobile search results but the game changed on August, 21st, when Google publicly said

“Update, 8/21/2015: We’ve extended this to desktop now too, and in English everywhere.”

What this says to me personally is that this might be the time to be careful in how you use Twitter ( remember no one wants to be a dufus..right?)

It really is important ( and I emphasis the words really important) that these days audiences are more scam and spam savvy ( they can smell them a mile away and you don’t want to lose that new follower or lose that next sale!

Here are 11 ways  for using Twitter effectively

1. Most people will just retweet what others are saying and give themselves a pat on the back. STOP!  Add value to the retweets, try using different words or add a comment. People want to know you are real!
2. Concerning retweets, check that the links being shared are going to good content. If you are seeing a short link, use an app such as LongUrl( you can either bookmark it or if you use Firefox, then you can use it as an extension.
3. Part of effectively using Twitter is being sure that you have an image, a good optimized bio, using a real location and of course add an url to your bio. If you are not comfortable using an image of yourself, then using something like Wordle is a great way to create a keyword cloud image ( I love simple ways of getting a point across).

4 You may not realize this, but Twitter is a great way to interact with people. For example if a person asks a question, take the time to answer these people. It may take a bit of time to find that information, but just think, if you do it right, you may show up on Google. Now that is what I call branding!

5.Just as with all social media strategies, remember that twitter is not all about you! Be a cool person and promote other followers! One idea you might want to do is recommend other followers and their work to people looking for answers or people to help solve their problems.

6. Do I have to mention anything about hashtags? Trust me Google never mind others on Twitter are not going to be impressed when you use too many hashtags. It is annoying and boring pure and simple. Use maybe one or two hashtags that will have meaning. It has been proven time and time again that when you use at the most 2 hashtags, you will get a lot more engagement ( just a fact!).

7. Sharing a tip from Kevan from Buffer ( I am shamelessly saying I LOVE that application!) — Anyways the tips is <drum roll> Create a 4:1 ratio of types of tweets/updates. Like everything in life, twitter is not different when it comes to creating balance!

Choose a staple type of update to share: image, link, quote, reshare, or status update.
For every four staple updates, share a different type of post for variety.

You can read more about this strategy here -> Strategy #14 of 30: How Buffer’s founder tweets
8. Are you needing a bit of help keeping track on how to use Twitter effectively. Well good news is that Buddy Media created a cheat sheet that you can keep close at hand ( print it out and by your desk. 

Twitter Cheat sheet via Buddy Media

9. Yes we love to be inspired and I have to admit I love using quotes as much as anyone else. The problem is ..if all you are doing is tweeting inspirational quotes, trust me, Google is not going to be that impressed, your followers are going to start groaning because the reality is that quoting all the time is just annoying and a turn off!

10. While this does not have so much to do with Google, its worth mentioning that you should check the list of applications that you’ve connected with your account and weed out the ones that you are no long using.

11. A great way to be seen by your followers ( believe it or not they are more important than Google ( sorry Google), choose a few topics that are important to YOU and provide good information consistently. Heck if you stay on top of the latest news and break said news to your followers, think about the thanks yous you will get in terms of being retweeted and oh ya, Google will maybe like you also and show what you are saying in the search engines ( I like that one lol)
In the end, while I would like for you to show up in Google using Twitter, I will still say that the most effective use of twitter is simple…interact and just talk to people.

A good example would be meeting up with people you get to see on the way to work at a coffee shop or subway station.

Well I have said my thoughts on how to use Twitter effectively and who knows maybe even get seen on Google, what ideas do you have? Do you agree or disagree with me?

Lets talk!



  • I found with twitter it was a great way to start getting traffic to my new websites. I would have a list of users who had large followings and ALWAYS retweeted any tweets with their handle mentioned in it. I presume they have some sort of set up on their account to do this? Any ways I would tweet at particular users and include a (relevant) link to my website. And when they retweeted it often their following was the audience I was targeting and resulted in an increase in traffic and a few more email opt-ins.
    Thanks for the great read Diane
    Felix recently posted…Increasing Site Traffic Without GoogleMy Profile


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