5 Mobile Marketing Tips

5 Mobile Marketing Tips

5 mobile marketing tips because the fact is mobile marketing is here to stay!


mobile advertising 5 tips

Mobile marketing is not just another new fad, but a very real extension to internet marketing and if you have not been looking at mobile marketing to attract your customers you have been making a big mistake!

I noticed when I got out of hospital, I started to use my phone a lot more often as I didnt want to lose touch with my emails and I noticed many things one of them being a lot of folks are just not thinking of mobile when it comes to their marketing efforts.
For many new and seasoned marketers, the era of mobile marketing can seem confusing especially when you apply the usual digital techniques in your marketing plan so I thought that it would be helpful to you ( hey you guys on Adlandpro – are you listening?) to share a few tips that I have been figuring out through reading and talking to some people I know.

Mobile Marketing tip 1

This mobile marketing tip is not so much about marketing as it is about making sure that your website is mobile friendly. I have noticed ( and I go a bit cross-eyed) that many folks are not designing their sites for mobile and that means very simply they are losing out on customers.
You truly NEED to cater to the mobile audience because quite frankly they are everywhere. Take a look around you and lol note your own behavior!

Mobile sites need to take into account the different devises and take the time to adjust the content and layout so people can see what you are doing!

Mobile Marketing tip 2

Remember how I said I use my mobile to read email? I can honestly say that if you don’t look to ways to make your messages shorter and more appealing, I delete them pure and simple! We live in an age where we just don’t have the time ( nor inclination) to read long messages. Here is an interesting and maybe you will groan fact. A lot of people truncate their emails to save space. MY physiotherapist asked me what that meant by the way and if you are wondering also. To truncate means cutting off part of a message. OUCH if you have a message that is too long. Keep this in mind when you are creating marketing messages. keep them short and sweet!

Mobile Marketing Tip 3

There are different kinds of mobile marketing – yep just like anything to do with business, marketing, internet marketing there are for sure 11 types of mobile marketing and here are just a few of those forms

Text/SMS Marketing
Mobile Web
Bluetooth Proximity Marketing
Mobile Banner Ads
Barcodes/QR (quick-response barcodes)

( I would suggest you read this article as it has some great ideas – honest!)

Mobile Marketing Tip 4

Keep to the point! When you are using your mobile do you like being hammered with any content that is not related to your topic? If your message is NOT relevant, guess what, people ( I’m pretty sure you do also) get annoyed and delete. You are losing a potential customer! Make a point of keeping any mobile message relevant!

Mobile Marketing Tip 5

Make your mobile advertising interactive. What does that mean? You need to make your mobile advertising one where people will sign up for email or will click yes to any kind of offer or even download an app that you or your business has created. It has been shown by many firms that when you make your advertising more fun ( dont forget the qr codes) interactive one way or another, you will see better click through rates.
As Google says:

“Google Mobile Ads help you to reach audiences on-the-go. Mobile ads appear on mobile devices in Google search results, on content websites, in apps and video. Use them to put your business in front of people as they use their smartphones and tablets throughout the day.”

more people are using mobile more people are using mobile


P.S. One last mobile advertising tip – Its not just Google who is seeing the value of mobile ads so is bing, Yahoo and other big companies so do yourself a favor and check it out before you lose any more customers!

What has been your experience with mobile advertising. What has been working for you and yes please, tell where you have been having your problems?

If this post has been useful to you I would love for you to share it – lets get a conversation going!



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