5 Social Media tips for the new Marketer

Use these social media tips to help you become a more effective marketer

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Using social media is the modern way to market where the currency is in the share and learning how to navigate and learning strategies is important.

In some ways I look at learning social media marketing the same way as learning a new language and for some people it is easy to learn and for others it can downright confounding.
The point to using social media is to think of it as a tool to generate more customers or clients but it is not a cash machine where you can simply withdraw money at the drop of a hat.
What I have learned and still learning  is that social media marketing is an acquired skill that takes time learn and then needs practicing to become “perfect”
For example did you know that Malcolm Gladwell popularized the theory that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of deliberate practice at something can turn you into an expert?

To be honest I’m unsure if that is really true, but I agree that you need to keep practicing and delving into what works and doesn’t work to become your own expert, which means keeping up with industry standards, reading and learning all you can and then adapting it to make it work for you.
I think one of the biggest mistakes marketers are making is the fact that they keep using social media as though it were the traditional marketing of email marketing or other such salesy styles of posts and they wonder why they are not getting anywhere and why no one is listening to them.
When you start understanding that the currency of social media is in the sharing and that content marketing was never meant to create a direct sale, then you will get further ahead.

So whats the point of doing the sharing or the content marketing? The answer is really quite simple, its to establish yourself and to be seen as a real person who has useful information. Many marketers forget  the people who will be reading what they share are real people, with families and interests. Many marketers forget that they should be targeting that useful information to the right people in a way that will want people come to them.
I was talking to a person just the other day and during our conversation, they said ” I only share and write for business” I wonder how many of you feel the same way? If you do, you are missing out on a whole world of people and great information. To me social media is social and should be used for nurturing relationships, sharing a laugh, sharing ideas learning or teaching people as the case may be. When you keep sharing the same thing over and over again, it becomes boring.

Do I have any words of wisdom for you regarding Social media (marketing)? lol, yep!

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My  5 Social Media tips

1. Social Media tip: Be where your members/customers/clients are! [tweet this social media tip]

Now I know many of you have been told that you need to “seed your presence everywhere” ya right! I don’t know about you, but the last time I looked there is still only 24 hours in a day and hopefully you will remember to eat, be with your family or other things.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to be everywhere even with automation! The goal to social media is to be where your audience will be most of the time. I know that most people have a magic number when it comes to being on social networks, for me, it is 4. Facebook, twitter, Google plus and Adlandpro.

2. Social Media tip: Learn how to credit people [tweet this social media tip]
Many of you (and I know I do) share what other people are doing via text, content and images, but did you know that you can extend that thinking to conversations you have with people? When you attribute/give the proper credit to people, you are doing so many thing from showing that you can be trusted, you are spreading good will and you are extending your reach. Pretty awesome when you really think about it and the bottom line is that it’s just the right thing to do..

3. Social Media tip:  Learn how to use the 80-20 rule to your advantage [tweet this social media tip]

Now I know that many of you have heard of the 80-20 rule and there is a lot of material out there for those of you who want to delve deeper into the “Pareto principle”. For the purpose of using social media, how can you apply the 80-20 rule to your advantage?
There really is no secret to applying this formula to your social media marketing. When you understand that people dont want to be sold to and that you will only annoy people with irrelevant content, then the way to look at the 80-20 rule is 80% of the time you share content that caters to the needs and interests of your given audience.
When you think about  sharing, look to content or news from others that supports what is going on in your industry.
Some things you might want to look at are inspirational quotes, links to news, questions etc. If you see something that a friend or yours has shared, then why not share it on your network?
So what about the other 20% of the time? When you think about the promotional aspect of sharing about your company/products then the best rule of thumb is to promote in a way will benefit your audience.. For example you can post about special offers, coupons, webinars or hangouts. Always remember the Calls to action and encourage feedback

4. Social media tip: Learn the technical stuff to make your content come alive [tweet this social media tip]
I have to share something with you, when I first came online I was so bad at doing things, I was in tears! I didn’t know how to copy and paste, had no clue to what a browser was and to upload an image? forget it, I simply couldn’t do it. Thankfully I had a very humorous( but understanding) daughter who laughed at me and sat down and taught me the basics. Boy was I proud! I have come a long way since then and now my daughter shakes her head at me on what I know and will often say…do you remember when? Social media is about sharing from the moment you create a blog post to engaging with people on your chosen networks. Learning how to get the right images ( and sizing) on a social post, learning how to use tools for creating good image quotes, creating SlideShares,creating videos etc. to enhance what you are doing is very important.
Make the time to learn new skills! When you realize that with all the billions of social shares happening on social networks, you need to make your social shares stand out and be noticed. Remember when I said that the currency of social media is sharing? The reward for sharing is when people share what you say and do…quite a heady feeling to be honest.

5.Social media tip: Develop your voice and be consistent [tweet this social media tip]
For all of you who are bloggers, you will know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “develop your voice” to keep it very simple, it means that when people read what you write, people know your style of writing they know you by the way you word things, your humor etc., In social media you will find people who are “known” for posting images, quotes, links on a consistent basis. Think about “your voice” and how you want to be known then build on it.

A few last thoughts, when you are sharing your content on Social media create a good strategy and remember to ask yourself these questions before you share anything Will anyone thank you for sharing this information and is this something that you would email to a friend or have a friend email to you?

These are just a few of the  guidelines I have learned when it comes to being social on social media but I know there are a lot more.
Whatever you decide to to, make it work for you to get the best results to your actions and when someone shares what you are doing, give yourself a pat on the back, it means you are going in the right direction.
My call of action to you is to share what social media tips or thoughts you have about social media marketing and if you have found this useful, then share with your friends.


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