8 Ways to Generate traffic to your site (as a marketer)

8 Ways to Generate  traffic to your site  (as a marketer)

 There are  many  cool not to mention authentic Ways to generate  traffic to your site  that’s a fact!  The real problem is finding those ways that will work for you!

I think that if you were to talk to 100 seasoned internet marketers and asked them their favorite ways to create traffic to their marketing sites, you would get hundreds of different answers according to their proven success rates and failures.

While this can be useful,  the overwhelming information for the new internet marketer can have  a person throwing their hands up in despair going “help”!

Just to make things even more complicated  is when  you are affiliate marketing then the problem can seem insurmountable as people are getting more advertising savvy and are running as fast as they can away from all the obvious advertising they see day after day. Its not uncommon to hear people snark and snarl at all the advertising  that is thrown at them  ( unless its an ad that is so entertaining and visual) and to be fair you can’t really blame them.

To put this in context that will make more sense to you – generating traffic is another way of saying “you need ways to advertise your marketing site and yourself, so that people will want to stick around and maybe even buy something from you !”

To me  the question becomes one of –  what kind of actions can a marketer  do to help them get traffic to their site that  are proven actions.  

Actions that have been proven methods of  generating (creating)traffic?

Here are just a few of my  thought s on ways to generate traffic to your site .  Some of these ideas may be ones you have read before and that’s great.  I would love to hear how these methods are working for you and what kind of advise would you give to people regarding these ideas.

 Hopefully you will also get some new ideas that have been shown to help generate  that traffic you are needing.   if you decide to try these new ideas, then please bookmark this post and come back and let me know how they work for you – okay?

way to create traffic using traffic exchanges
1. Traffic Exchanges.   I can tell you that for all the people who are naysayers for this method to create traffic, you are going to find people who not only love traffic exchanges but will go  to great lengths to defend traffic exchanges

While I am not the worlds best expert when it comes to traffic exchanges , I can tell you that maybe we need to rethink how traffic exchanges can create targeted traffic to your site.  Traffic exchanges are more social than they ever used to be and even have chats where people can talk together and compare notes on the different business ventures that they may be involved in.

A good source for you to get information about traffic exchanges is  the Traffic Exchange Report.  Owned by Timtech, this is a small company based in Rhode Island that focuses on different aspects of marketing and with owners such as Jon Olson and Tim Linden along with some very enthusiastic support people,  I feel pretty sure that you are going to get good quality information.

There is only one issue I have with their list and that is Adlandpro is not listed and that to me is a shame, considering I have heard of people..quite a few people who are finding that the Adlandpro traffic exchange has helped to create traffic to a business in a very positive  manner.

I should add that if you want to talk to a person who truly knows a lot about traffic exchanges there is a fellow you should talk to.  Ken Wolff has been dealing with traffic exchanges for many years and I know that he would love to answer your questions ( Trust me he will not just give you good information, he will also go out of his way to help you and that you can take to the bank!)

Haro Logo  a way to create traffic to your site

2. HARO!

Okay now I know you are all shaking your heads and going huh? Well I love to keep you on your toes lol. HARO is a great way for you to create traffic by answering a query. Added benefits are getting some very awesome quality inbound links and lets not forget that referral traffic. Join for free and use it for free, its not hard to do!

Use Facebook to create traffic to your marketing site

3 Use  Facebook in a Better way!

Now I know for a fact that a lot of you, heck most of you are on Facebook – here is my question to you   Are you making  the most of Facebook links to when  you create traffic as part of your marketing efforts?   –  Really?

Here is a reminder – be sure to include links back to your site in your About page, in your photo descriptions, in the comments of your posts (where relevant), and in your milestones. I know that many people get snarked at  ( snarked is a great word by the way lol) when they mix business and pleasure on Facebook so I suggest that you create two accounts.

One is for pleasure ( your family) and create a business profile for when you are marketing.  Your family and friends will thank you and you will be able to do your business marketing in a more efficient manner.

By the way, I have learned that as of now, you can  create your own authorship on Facebook!  Funny thing is that it was not that long ago that Google created “Google Authorship”  which WAS highly recommended if you wanted to be seen on Google.  As some or many of you know, Google ( sigh) in their infinite wisdom did away with the Google Authorship among other changes.  I wonder if Facebook was waiting for this to happen  as they  have created their own unique way to make it easy for Facebook readers to start following the author of an article they just read an enjoyed”  I highly suggest that you readMike Alton’s take on this important issue on The Social Media Hat blog.   As marketers you now have even more incentive to start getting on board with creating good content and maybe it is time marketers got serious and started embracing new ways of marketing?

how to generate traffic to your site

4 . Good headlines create traffic

Here is a fact of marketing, If you don’t learn how to write a good headline then the chances are you will not be seen which of course means you will not create  the traffic you are not only wanting but needing to get people to read what you have to say.

  Regardless of whether its a blog post, an advertisement  or a social media  headline ( yes indeed, its not just images people look at ..its that first headline you create ) that will pique a persons interest to want to read more and maybe even do more than read ( think sales)

I recommend that you go back to a post that I did back June 26, 2013   called  appropriately  How to write a good headline.  I think the information you read will be of use to you.

I also suggest that you read a blog post that Dave Cottrell did back in 2014 called Subject Line ( don’t let the title get you confused) The information that Dave  gave is very good and he shares some very good tools that will be of use to you!


5. Press Releases

As you can see on the image above  when you see a press release, it attracts attention.  The issue is  that there are those people who just think press releases are old school and if you are one of those people  who feel that  you should not look at tat press releases as a way of generating traffic to your site, maybe you need to rethink your strategy?

If you are needing a few reasons as to why  press releases are a great way to generate traffic site – keep reading!

Press releases are a great way to provide content to other marketing “channels. This about this, what a great way to increase engagement especially if you add images and videos

Press releases are an awesome what to help you focus and be sure that you are getting your message to the right people. People love stories and with you create that important story about your content, then everyone from people who blog, people who are looking for your brand is going to see you!

The trick to using press releases is to be sure that you use them for the right reason be newsworthy

questions and answers a way to generate traffic to your site

6, Answer Questions!

Yes I know you have heard this before, but it’s true.  When you make yourself into an expert or a person who has knowledge, then it stands to reason that folks will trust you and will want to know more about you.  There are a few question and answer sites where you get a good chance to show your wow  ( and  of course when you create that awesome profile, you can put your business link on that profile #justsaying).  The trick to these question and answer sites is to stay relevant to your niche even if you are tempted to answer everything in sight .. no one likes a show off lol

Some good question and answer sites are


newsletters generate traffic to your site7. Create a newsletter!
Newsletters are a great way to offer tips and techniques that your readers will want to subscribe ( and not unsubscribe because of lack of interest!) Make it easy for people to sign up to your newsletter – what a great way to build your list!

When you are offering good information that will lead people back to your site, you have just managed to generate more traffic.

You can use such services as MailChimp for free and Google has their own templates where you can create a free newsletter.

I recently had the pleasure to discover another free service that you should look into and it’s called TinyLetter

If you choose to use your own software to create your own newsletter, then using this free version of  SandBlaster  ( a way to send up to 100 emails at the same time) is maybe the way to go. I would strongly suggest that you be sure that your get the proper permissions for people to let you send them any marketing or other emails and always…always be sure to give people and easy way to unsubscribe.

generate traffic to your site by giving something free
8. Give something away

I think its pretty safe to say that people love to be given something for free. Whether it is a free and useful tool, an ebook or anything else for that matter, this has been proven to be one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site. What people don’t always think of is that you can generate quality links back to your website AND give a feee quality gift at the same time by using such a site as – Slideshare.
It just works! Whether you use powerpoint or Google’s own version of powerpoint called “Google Slides” you will find your website traffic spike when you create a “slideshare” that is fun or educational ( to your niche) is a great way to get people to be interested in you and your business.

Its your turn, what are you doing (that works) to generate traffic to your site?

If you have found this blog post to be useful and you feel that it will help others, then be sure to share it with others ( and thank you 🙂 )


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