A Primer on Landing Pages

A Primer on Landing Pages

I read a great post by Mike Allton regarding Landing pages which he describes as

 A landing page is any page of your website that is specifically designed to communicate to a specific audience regarding a specific product or service, typically targeting a specific keyword phrase that you want to rank well on. One of the first misconceptions about websites that trip up a lot of business owners is that not everyone who visits your website goes through the Home page. Thanks to search engines and direct links on social networks or ads, people can go to specific pages of your site. A landing page is therefore designed to take advantage of that fact, and it is expected that someone who gets to a landing page went there directly, and never saw your home page. That new visitor is said to have landed on your site through this page.


become an affiliate marketer todayWhat most people don’t realize is that as an affiliate marketer, one of the best tools you can use to increase traffic, generate leads and sales is the landing page or as some people call it a “capture page”, but understanding how to create a good landing page requires learning how to do and requires studying best practices.

Why use a Landing Page let me count the ways…

1. You can generate leads

2. You can presell your visitor to an offer

3. You can gain valuable information such as understanding what type of visitors are interested in what you are offering and how many are being converted to a sale


A good landing page can be used to

– promote an ebook

– redeem marketing offers such as free trials, demos or even coupons for your product

–  sell a product

– create an interest based email list

– drive traffic to your Facebook page ( very social)

– you can educate your customers and promote brand awareness

Now that you understand the importance of a landing page..how do you make one that will work well?

Like anything there are good ways and then there are terrible ways of doing anything and creating a good landing page is no exception.

Before I tell you of a place to show how to create good landing pages, I thought it would be an idea to show how a bad landing page can hurt what your’e doing.

This particular example comes from KISSmetrics and boy is it a good one.

5 Truly Awful Landing Pages You Won’t Believe are from Well-Known Companies

image source

Chase could have used some of that 25,000,000,000.00 (that’s 25 billion) in government bailout money to hire a web conversion expert. Right on the index page they invite you to “Learn More” about everything with no less than three calls to action – each one taking you to different pages for very different products.

Chase’s credit card landing page reminds us why it’s called a landing page. You’re there to do one of two things – login to your existing account, or apply for a credit card. Not to get a student loan, not to learn about investing and not planning for retirement.

What can we learn from Chase?

Too many calls to action on one page end up disorienting more people than they help.

There is such a thing as segmenting your landing pages to match a particular search query.

Let the user do what they came to do without bombarding them with constant offers.

WhiteSpace has just recently created a wonderful visual way of showing how to create a landing page which as they say will improve conversions. I invite you to go read and learn as this truly was one of the best examples I have seen to date that will show you in an easy manner how a landing page should look and what you need to do to make a good landing page, suitable titled “10-Step Landing Page Checklist To Improved Conversions” just click on the link and I hope you are as impressed as I am!

To sum  up ~

  • Keep to the topic
  • State your benefits
  • Keep your visitor focused
  • Have a clear call to action’

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