This blog is for you

This Blog is for you!

Hi, My name is Bogdan Fiedur, the owner and founder of Adlandpro.

Adlandpro is an advertising solution for small and independent business since 1998 ( boy that has me feeling a bit old lol)

Adlandpro is also a place where people can communicate, share ideas and socialize and our community including the Adlandpro community exchange, is just another unique way for members can talk about topics in a respectful and friendly manner.

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This blog has been created with the goal of creating an outreach for members and non-members of Adlandpro, sharing ideas, marketing topics as well as sharing inspiration for those times when we need to take a moment to regroup and think of things over and above the everyday life of business.

As with life, it helps to delegate different chores and so with this blog, you will note that I have authorized a few people to help write for me to help extend my reach and many thanks to Dave Cottrell and Diane Bjorling for helping me  make this blog for you~

Please note any and all images used on this site are copywritten and while I am thankful that you wish to share my images, please have the courtesy to cite and link where you got these images from


Kindest Regards,

Bogdan Fiedur

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