#AdlandPro 5 years Later

#AdlandPro 5 years Later

Reading about #AdlandPro 5 years later reminded me of opening a time capsule, so many memories, evaluating what has been done and maybe even learning what needs to be done to help people use my community to help them become even more successful in all they want to do.

Realizing that while Adlandpro has changed in many ways with more features and new members, it is heartening to see that the essence of  #AdlandPro 5 years later is still as dynamic and a friendly place to be as it was when Alicia Bodine wrote her review of AdlandPro back in 2007

Reading Network at Adlandpro for Free and Grow Your Business for me was a feel good moment and I can’t wait to see what is said in another 5 years 🙂


image of Alicia Bodine who wrote Network at Adlandpro for Free and Grow Your Business article in 2007

Alicia Bodine

Joining a network is a great way to grow your business. You certainly don’t want to waste your time with the wrong company. I have tried Direct Matches and a few other sites I won’t mention, but got nothing but a hassle. Not to mention that the sites were only free for a few weeks and then started to charge a fee. When a friend of mine invited me to try Adlandpro, I almost didn’t. If I didn’t respect the guy so much I would have erased it from my e-mail without thinking twice. Boy am I glad that I opened it, and I want to share with all of you what Adlandpro has to offer and why it is different from other Networking sites.

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