Adlandpro Affiliate Marketing Tips

Adlandpro Affiliate Marketing Tips

  Affiliate Marketing Tips

Hi, if you have come to this post because you were doing a search for “Affiliate Marketing Tips” welcome and I Hope that what you read will give you value.
Just so you know and as the title says, I own AdlandPro and have an affiliate program that you might be interested in and you can learn more here -> AdlandPro Affiliate Program ( that was my one and only sales pitch for today 😀  )
Affiliate marketing really can be a big source of income for many people, but like any job you will have, you need to learn how to do it properly, there is a learning curve, but with the right strategy and the willingness to learn, creating a good income is possible.

Listed below are some Affiliate Marketing tips to help give you some ideas:
To start you off:
1. Be sure that the person who has referred you to any affiliate program is a person who knows what they are talking about and is willing to help you on your journey. If a person cant answer a simple question of what the product or service is and is not willing to help you learn how to navigate the program in question, then take a step back and get answers to your questions before you jump into anything.
2. There are so many products and services on the market, take the time and reflect to see if this is something that you would want your name attached. Two questions you should ask is 1. How long has the company been existence? 2. Will this product or service be around 5 yrs from now?

Once you have chosen a product or service to affiliate with then keep these tips in mind:

  • 1. Be patient, unlike the hype of many programs, the get rich overnight is not real. It is going to take time to build your strategy, it is going to take time to get your credibility known and its going to take time to build a revenue.
  • 2. Be honest and transparent. I have been seeing programs that are using subterfuge to get sales and while it may seem like a good idea, dont do it. Remember it is your name attached to the product or service. Be clear in disclosing your affiliations ( just like I did at the beginning of this post 🙂 )
  • 3. Be trustworthy. While this may seem redundant, the fact is many people are using techniques that are giving internet marketing a bad name. We now live in a time where people are jaded and I cant blame them. It is only through being trustworthy and honest and transparent that you will be able to create a good and long lasting reputation that will help you in your goal of being an affiliate marketer.
  • 4. Understand the needs of your customers or audience. How can this product or service help them with their problems or provide something that will help them
  • 5. Focus on building traffic through a variety of methods from email marketing, blogging, newsletters, social networks etc. The more people who see what you are selling the better the chances they will want to buy from you.
  • 6. Diversify. That simply means that when you promote a multiple of affiliate products, you stand a better chance of creating an income. While I have seen people with a list as long as my arm and I have a fairly long arm, I would recommend 3-5 products and stick with them.
  • 7. Learn how to create quality content because it really is true that quality content is King. That being said, you also need to learn that context content is the queen and is as important as the quality you need to deliver to your customers or visitors.
  • 8 Learn social Media. Now a days ( and it has been proven) readers want to be able to engage and share. Having more people talk about you and your business can help increase visibility. I have a post that I did on the beginnings of social media that might be of use to you and you can find it here.
  • 9. Because you are running a business and quite probably on limited resources, you need to learn what will work for you. In simple terms this means learning how to track what you are doing. Many people give up on affiliate marketing because they could not figure where they were going wrong. Google Analytics is a good starting point to understanding your website traffic.
  • 10. Speaking of wesbite you have a website or a blog that will house your affiliate programs? You really should you know.

Following these tips is a good starting point to help you with affiliate marketing, if you have more, then I would love to hear them. Just look below and put in your thoughts and comments in the comment form.


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