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First month report of the Adlandpro Blog community credit builder

an update to the blog community credit builder


Hi everyone and thanks for tuning into this report on the first month of the blog credit builder on the Adlandpro blogging community.

As many of you know, February 1st was when we started the blog credit builder and what an interesting time it has been, with some unfortunate glitches.  Thankfully the blog community is now running more smoothly with people seeing their posts and comments. We figure that there was an issue with one of the plugins and it just had created havoc. A learning curve for sure and all I can say it thank you for your patience  and your humor while this was happening. Trust me I think I developed a few more grey hairs as a result lol

For myself it has been an interesting time seeing what people are doing, making sure that you all get your proper credits, writing letters and talking to you about your blog posts.

Like anything that is new, understanding what is working and more importantly what is not working means making revisions, rethinking our goals and finding ways and means to encourage all of you who are blogging, wanting to blog, understanding the value of quality content and how to make the blogging community work for everyone, including all of you who are commenting.

We listened to you on the blog community

We understand that many of you want to reblog your own content from your sites and that this is important to you. We also understand that people who want to create original content need to rewarded in a different manner and we have listened to you when it comes to comments and authors replying to their own posts.
Starting March 1st we are changing how the credits are going to be rewarded on the blogging community to reflect what we have been seeing as well as listening to all of you who have been sharing your thoughts and feelings about the Adlandpro blogging community.

The changes in the way to earn credits will be


Reblogging your own content – 10 credits
For you to earn the credits you must put in the link to your original post

Original/Unique content

300 – 500 words – 25 credits
500-800 words – 50 credits
800-1200 words – 75 credits
over 1,200 words – 100 credits
( all posts will be manually verified)

(comments that do not add value to the blog post, are vague or two word comments “good info” “great blog” and other such comments will be deleted and no credit will be given)

First comment on a blog post – 5 credits
subsequent comments on a post – 2 credits
Blog authors will be given 3 credits for replying on their own blog posts


We decided to base credits on the length of blog posts based on what the industry is saying about the ideal length  of blog posts. While I believe we can all agree that  we can’t all be like Seth Godin who manages to write 200 words and have an incredible impact on his readers, the reality is that longer posts are better for a variety of reasons.  Instead of me trying to say what others are saying, I would like you to read this blog post by Marcus Sheridan who shares his thoughts on 5 Reasons Why Long Content and Blog Posts Are Once Again the Future of Content Marketing. The reason I am referring you to this particular post is because it is easy to read and filled to the brim with great information.  I think the most important consideration for writing any blog post is to share your interests and to share your passion and if you can get your keywords in place, so much the better.

We believe that these changes will help all of you in your blogging efforts. Of course we will be sharing your blog posts on the different Adlandpro social networks, but we also expect you to also share your work with others as that increases your chances to be noticed and to create engagement with others.


 Adlandpro blog community notice

When you fill out your author bio box on the blog community, it’s not necessary to put in your links on your posts. Starting March 1st, these links will be deleted from your posts as it could be considered duplicate content.

All Commenters are encouraged to fill in their information as this will help you be seen when you are commenting which is a great way to be seen for your business and social connections. If you have problems filling in your information, please contact me and I will be very happy to help you out.

Over the next while I will be sharing information regarding topics such as content syndication, image use, attributions and other such information. If there is something that you would like to know about, then let me know and I will write about it.

Be sure to bookmark this post  and share with everyone. 

~Thanks everyone

Bogdan and Diane


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