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How to create a free classified ad on Adlandpro.

While many people including myself will extol the virtues of promoting your product or service using social media, we tend to forget that using classified advertising is a great way to promote what you are selling.

Creating a free classified ad, makes perfect sense when you realize the benefits such as

1. You can promote and sell your product or service for Free. Let’s face it cutting down costs is always a prudent business decision.

2. When you create a well-structured advertisement you will note that you will have a wider reach to potential customers.

3. When you create a free classified ad, you have a choice to go local or global. What a great way to expand your reach and ensure that your ads are seen by the people who really matter.

4. Generating leads is a major concern of businesses online. To this end creating a classified ad will provide an opportunity to generate traffic easily especially when you try this trick that I will be sharing later in this article.

5. Creating a classified ad is an economical way to test your copy for larger ads or even for testing concepts. I have known people who use free classifieds as a way to test their headlines for articles or blog posts.

Before sharing with you how to create a free online ad on Adlandpro, here are a few tips to think about before you get started

1. Create a separate Gmail account to use on your listings to keep registration and potential spam in a separate email account away from your normal business email inbox.

2. Unless you are selling something that is tangible like a car or that old rocking chair sitting in the basement, think in terms of how to get people to click on your business link. Remember what I said in number 4 of the benefits to placing a free online classified?

“Generating leads is a major concern of businesses online”

The best way to accomplish this is by offering a free book or any other kind of information that people will want to have.

3. Use a reputable URL shortener to track your various ads to see how they are performing.

Some good Short URl that can be used for tracking are


4. Create a separate Category on Pinterest for your classified ads to help you further the reach for your ad.

As you will see below, I have created screen shots of the process to create a free online ad on Adlandpro

The Ad information is where you will start and it’s the most important part of the ad you will create.

A) Main category and sub category: This is how you will target your classified to the people that you want to see what you are selling.

B) City: A lot of people feel that when you select a country you stand a better chance of getting people to buy what you are offering. That may be true, but I would like you to consider how to target where you live (local advertising). You would be reaching out to people close to you, where you could create a meet up with people and help create a relationship with people.

C) Heading. To me this is the most important part of you classified ad.! Your headline is the first thing people see and is going to convince people to read the rest of your ad. Now I could spend hours explaining to you how to write a winning headline, but when you have experts who do such a great job at explaining, then as they say…leave it to the experts!.

I am unsure if you know of Charlie Page. He just happens to be the owner of the Directory of Ezines and the focus of his site is apt – Common Sense Internet Marketing. He wrote a post that I think you will find very useful called 10 Headline Blueprints That Work Like Crazy.

You will read about why headlines are important and more important you will get a blueprint on how to create “winning” headlines with his “fill in the blanks” formula.

If you choose to go a different route, then there are some great headline generators that you can use such as

Awesome Titles

Headline Wizard

Linkbait title Generator

D) Description. The body of the ad is there for one reason only, to get people to click on your link. When you understand this and also understand that people hate reading too much, then your job is two-fold.

First off you need to give enough information to go to number 2 which is your call to action.

Back in 2007, Entrepreneur wrote a fantastic article – 10 Tips for Unleashing the Power of Classified Ads. While I hope you will go read the whole article as it has very good ideas, I would like you to pay attention to the sales message. The length of the ad content and how to create “telegraphic language”

What is Telegraphic language?

Write “as if you were sending a cablegram (in the old days) and you had to pay fifty cents a word,” advised John Caples. This is good advice when you consider that readers of classifieds are accustomed to this type of language. They’ve come to expect it and can usually read it without a problem.

Therefore, instead of writing, “I will send you a free report,” write: “Free report!” Instead of, “You can use this widget to save money,” simply write, “Save cash!” Instead of using, “This widget is fast and easy to use,” you could write, “Easy! Fast!” Instead of writing, “Guaranteed results or your money back,” write: “Guaranteed!”

adlandpro free ad tutorial

When thinking about the ad expiry, I would say to think in terms of testing the classified ad for one month and see how it goes. Not only are you attempting to get people to click on the link you share, but you are also testing how the ad will perform against other ads you have created for the same product. This is where using a trackable URL shortener will really shine as you get lots of information for every click that is recorded.

adlandpro create ad tutorial

When creating a classified Ad, it has been shown time and time again that adding an image will help “sell” your ad. Create a good photo of the product or service you are selling and remember to share that image to Pinterest.

Alandpro classified ad tutorial

Create a classified ad tutorial

Time to take stock and go over your classified ad one more time to be sure that your spelling is correct, that you have all the information that you want to convey.

You have now come to the end of how to create a free classified Ad on Adlandpro. The information I have provided can be used on other advertising sites, just be sure to read all the rules to posting an ad so that you will get the best value to your time.

If I have missed anything, please let me know and I wish you all the very best in creating a well-structured winning classified advertisement.

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