The AdlandPro Credit Builder

The AdlandPro Credit Builder

The Adlandpro Credit builder is a new function of the Adlandpro social community and was created to help all members earn “credits” with the end goal of being rewarded at the end of the month, just by doing what they do everyday, coming to the community, sharing quality topics, having good conversations and other tasks that we all do when visiting any social network.

How can one earn credits and why should anyone do this?  Listed below are the many ways you can earn credits and the reason is simple..for fun, to win prizes and to help people learn how to use social networking so that fun habits will become life time habits!

AdlandPro membership credit builder


In addition each  month the person who accumulates largest number of total points with the AdlandPro Credit Builder will receive a cash prize as well as recognition by their peers in a special forum set up especially for them.

Members have the choice of redeeming their  points after a month or accumulate them and redeem at a later time.

Credits can be redeemed for:

* 1:1 for traffic exchange credits
* Impression credits
* Direct contact credits
* Physical products such as IPads etc.

As you can see a lot of thought has been put into this latest innovation of AdlandPro and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the AdlandPro Credit Builder and how it has helped you.

If you have not joined AdlandPro yet …come on in and be welcomed by a terrific bunch of people and make it your social community home away from home.

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