Adlandpro Friday News | 22.11.2013

Adlandpro Friday News | 22.11.2013

 Friday news talking about squashing a bug, affiliate marketing and some thanksgiving trivia.


What a busy week it has been for everyone and with the great  blog posts people have created, what a great way to start this Friday news!

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An Adlandpro community timely reminder for everyone:
For some reason when it gets close to holidays the scammers come out in full force! If you get scam messages of any kind, please forward the message to me and the user and messages will be deleted. Our system is getting smarter and will block these kinds of messages in the future. On the wall the moderators are working hard to keep everything clean and get rid of the other less savory messages off the wall. These users are also being reported to me and I am deleting them from our community.

got rid of a bug in the credit bulder

We had a bug but we squashed it!
For everyone who has been and is involved with the credit builder, we found a bug when it came to calculating credits earned over the month. What happened was that instead of earning credits for 1 (one) login daily, people who were logging in multiple times were being given multiple credits. For example f person logged two times they were awarded multiple of 2x 10 credits = 20 As a result of this issue the calculations were thrown way off! We have adjusted the credits to their proper amounts and the rest will be adjusted when the end of the month procedure is run again. If you have noticed a drop in your total credits this was the reason why. I apologize for any discomfort this may have caused anyone.

This Friday news I would like to talk about affiliate marketing – everyone who has experience with affiliate marketing knows that it takes time to grow this style of business and to expect sales to come immediately is not realistic. No matter what your business is, it  takes effort to reap the rewards. Here are a few tips to help you keep focused:

Join affiliate programs of products you know and trust. There are thousands of affiliate programs all saying “join me – join me”, but not all progams are equal and not all affiliate programs are ones that you would talk to your friends about! Make a point of doing your research before joining anything
Be Trustworthy. Readers/customers are very smart and they can usually smell a sale a mile away. Don’t promote anything that you don’t believe in or take advantage of people by saying things that are not true! If people feel that you are being honest, trust me they will come to you!
Speaking of honesty! Don’t forget to disclose your affiliate relationship, not only will people appreciate the honesty but the FTC requires that you disclose your affiliate relationship.
Write good content! Everyone talks about this but its every true! Make sure that your content is helpful and timeless and remember…customers do not want to see ads all the time, they want to know what you think or really feel about a product. Make everything you do more natural and a lot less of a sale pitch.
For those of you who may be new to this blog, Adlandpro has its own affiliate program and it is showing itself to be a successful program for affiliates. Adlandpro is now generating nearly 100,000 paying customers and with our Alexea rank of 4,700 and 2,877 linking to Adlandpro, you might want to consider Adlandpro as a very viable way to create an income for yourself. I would like you to read my last Adlandpro affiliate newsletter, to give you a better idea of what I am doing and what is happening in the world of the Adlandpro affiliate marketing and if you have any questions, just ask!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner for those living in the United states on Thursday, November 28, 2013.

Did you know that the first Macy’s thanksgiving day parade was held in 1924 and the very first one featured Macy’s employees and animals from the Central Park Zoo. Here is a fantastic 1939 vintage footage of the Thanksgiving day parade

If you want to know more about Macy’s thanksgiving Day Parade, then follow this link 6 days until the parade!

Do you know how many feathers the average turkey has?
According the the Examiner approximately 3,000. now you know!

The first pumpkin Pie was recorded to be shared in 1796 in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons and it was called Pompkin Pudding


No. 1. One quart stewed and strained, 3 pints cream, 9 beaten eggs,
sugar, mace, nutmeg and ginger, laid into paste No. 7 or 3, and with a
dough spur, cross and chequer it, and baked in dishes three quarters
of an hour.

No. 2. One quart of milk, 1 pint pompkin, 4 eggs, molasses, allspice
and ginger in a crust, bake 1 hour.

This is an incredible cookbook and I am happy to say that you can get it for free under Project Gutenberg

We all know that Black Friday is coming up very quickly, but do you know the history of this special day?
It started back in 1924 on the day after Thanksgiving when Macy’s ended its first parade with the arrival of Santa Claus and was seen as the beginning of the holiday shopping season. The reason it was called Black Friday was because at that time, accounting was done manually and red ink meant “loss”. Black Friday was when the stores moved from the red to the black indicating a profit.

I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of the the Adlandpro Friday news and I look forward to your feedback, your thoughts and even questions in the comment section below.

Have a great weekend everyone and a small thanksgiving prayer to all of you who will be celebrating…

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