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It’s Friday and time for the Adlandpro Friday news

I would like to start the Friday news with a warm welcome to all our new members. Adlandpro really is a great place to be and I hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer you.
I know that many of you are joining for different reasons, social and business, but did you also know that you can earn credits that can go towards your advertising or prizes?
Jim Allen created a great video that I am showing again, because he manages to show you from personal experience how the credit builder works. ( I love his title ” Our thumbs up point system)

For those of you who are wanting to understand how the advertising on Adlandpro works, here is information that will give you an overview of how we do things.

Our affiliate program is one of the best programs for you to add to your streams of income and will fit in with every niche you can think of.

There are many ways to promote your affiliate programs by the way and just as there are “50 ways to leave your lover“, here are 50 ways to promote Adlandpro or any of your other affiliate programs ~ enjoy

1. Connect with customers via skype, Google plus hangouts
2. Share free information that your prospects will appreciate
3. Join relevant groups and communities on the different social networks and join in
4. Comment on posts that will affect your industry
5. Share advise with others
6. Submit your site to directories
7. Set up a good landing page or squeeze page
8. Be respectful of social media ( internet) etiqutte
9. Watch what other successful marketers are doing and mirror what they are doing
10 Sync everything better to manage your time
11.Take advantage of free credits offered by different sites ( including the Adlandpro credit builder)
12. Write relevant articles and submit them to different sites
13. Become an expert in your field
14. Follow up after every sale you get. Take care of your customers.
15. Start blogging
16 Get your own domain name
17. Optimize your site with the right keywords etc. so that people can find you easier
18. Build an email list
19 Send out newsletters
20 Publish a press release
21 Network on all social networks and forums
22 Make connections on social networks
23 Go visual and use Pinterest, Instagram and show your personality
24 Create an infographic
25 Track everything you do
26 Create Positive Testimonials for Services and Software You Try.
27 Create videos
28 Decide the 10 most important keywords that reflect your business or area of expertise, and use these when writing content
29 Create a podcast
30 Share your Powerpoint presentations on Slideshare
31 Follow people in your area of expertise on Twitter
32 Use a signature in your emails that invites people to connect with you on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
33.Use a professional headshot as your profile picture on Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter and Google Plus
34.Give someone a recommendation on LinkedIn
35. Use Gravatar to have your personal picture show next to blog comments.
36. Link to other blogs
37. Complete your profile on all your social networks
38. Use Traffic exchanges
39. Use
40.  Advertise using your car. Create a banner or QR code
41.   Mail postcards ( virtual or real) to attract or get more clients
42.  Create a business card (virtual and offline)
43. Refine your target audience and niche.
44. Include a clear and enticing call to action on every thing you write
45.Track your online reputation.
46. Ensure you add links to your social media profiles and presences.
47. Approach editors of relevant online magazines and sites and offer articles of interest.
48. Attend free local networking groups.
49. Add an profile.
50. Network…network…network

What other ways would you suggest promoting  an affiliate program?

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How many of you like Asparagus? This Friday news recipe corner brings you a treat from  Luella May that looks deliscious  – Crispy Baked Asparagus Fries 


Friday news recipe Crispy baked asparagus fries


Thanks for joining me  on  this edition of the Friday news. and don’t forget to share with your friends,  tweet, like on Facebook and plus one on Google Plus.


Friday News Inspirational Corner

Helping And Reaching Out Goes Both Ways
Catherine Pulsifer

Friday new Inspiration helping each other

Throughout the years, I have valued opportunities to help others who seemed to be either overwhelmed with a work issue, or who have had a personal challenge to deal with. Each of these opportunities to assist someone else also gave me inner satisfaction knowing that at the very least, I had lent a sympathetic or empathetic ear.

No Matter Who We Are We All Need Help
Some people may think that those who are called upon from time to time to assist others in a variety of ways to deal with professional or personal challenges never need to ask for or need help themselves. This thought could be no further from the truth.

Facing An Issue
Such was the case for me several weeks ago when I was facing a particularly troublesome family issue that despite my best efforts, and on numerous occasions, not only wasn’t resolved but seemed to go even further downhill. I was at a loss to know how to proceed next because I simply could not see any other options to resolve these issues.

While I seemed to be at a complete loss, I received a call from a friend of mine who, in the past, I had spent many occasions discussing her issues and challenges that she faced both personally and in her business. She simply asked a normal question about how I was and I started to blurt out how frustrated I was with my family issues, and told her openly how I was at a loss to know what to do next to work toward a resolution.

Over the next hour, we engaged in a direct, open and honest discussion about the details, concerns, issues and lack of options to move through and resolve the main issue. She was not only an active listener, she did not engage in any judgmental conversation, and freely offered her insight into similar issues she had encountered as well over the years. I hung up the phone feeling better not because I had found a solution, but because I felt comfortable, I felt my concerns where heard without prejudice, and that I could be myself sharing personal emotions with a person I could trust.

And, her concern about what I was encountering didn’t just occur on this one occasion; she started to phone every few days to see how I was dealing with my concerns and again openly discussing any and all new or related issues.

The Point Is This
As much as we are always willing to help others who are in need, or who ask specifically for our assistance, doesn’t mean we don’t need help ourselves on occasion. We all have are own plus and minuses – we are not a solid rock without imperfections because each rock has it’s own fissures and crevices. We all need a friendly ear, a sympathetic friend, or an open and honest opinion at many points in our life. And, if you hold the view that you do not want to burden someone else with your own issues, I would encourage you to reach out – reaching out does not diminish your humanness, it only reinforces it.

Read more great stories at A Collection of Short Stories

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