Adlandpro Friday News: 6.12.2013

Friday News from Adlandpro talking about forums, blogs, Google Authorship.

Lets get this edition of the Friday news started with some great forums that you should take the time to go visit

Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov and the Lyrical Landscape Style via Miguel Goitizolo
The BUZZ2YA Presents Your Daily Dose Of Insanity USA Style via Jim Allen
Flashback Fun Forum via Christina
Not mind blowing but mind hammering indeed via Hafiz

Friday news talking about Adlandpro member Roger and Edna Boisjoli

There is a quiet fellow who comes to the Adlandpro wall and will leave a quiet but powerful inspirational messages on a daily basis and when he doesn’t show, I wonder if things are O.K. There are many people in the world who will not speak to much but when they do, you have to listen and  I have come to the conclusion that sometimes a quiet but powerful message will have more impact than  shouting or the “sales pitch” that many people feel that they need to do.  The quiet person by the way is Roger Boisjoli and I hope that you will take the time to say hi to him, make him a friend and see what other tips or strategies he will share with you in his quiet and wise way.

Friday news talk about blogging

Friday News Blog Tip

How many of you know that when you write on the blogging community and when you add images to your posts Google will see this IF you are linking properly to G+ and claiming Google Authorship.

Many people are still are having problems understanding Google authorship and why its important. To put it as simply as I can Google authorship is a way for Google to identify the different bits of information with the people who write it – namely you.

To make this all happen means doing certain things such as being on G+, making sure you use your real name, making sure that you have a real image of yourself ( for the rich snippets) and making sure that you fill in as much as you can on your profile including every place that you post content. The “Contributor to” is specifically set aside for Google authorship so this is very important.

Author rich snippets by the way is an enhanced Google result that shows a persons photo, their byline and a link to their Google+ profile. There are many reasons why this is important, but to keep it very simple, if you are looking to build an online reputation as an authority or leader in your niche, you need this!

I am asking that all authors of the Adlandpro Blogging Community update your blogging profile and make sure that you are being seen on Google by following these steps

How to create your Google Authorship 

1. On your G+ profile, go to your “about you” and scroll down to Links, you will see a section called “contributor to” and fill in the required information: Adlandpro Blogging Community

2. When you go to the blogging community…..
– Log in
-Go to your bio section here
– scroll down to where you fill your info for G+
– Most people would just put in their G+ URL (for example I am
BUT in order to claim being an author of your blog posts,you need to ADD to the end of the url  –  rel=author
when you add this important part to your personal URL it will look like this –

When you do these two steps, then you will have Google recognizing your posts from the Adlandpro Blogging Community.

To test to see if you have done everything correctly, you can go to Webmaster tools
… and enter url of the article for which you want to test authorship.

Try it on post that I did…
as you can see the confirmation that the Authorship is working on this post.

If you have not done these two important steps you will see a message “Page does not contain authorship markup”

If you want to read more about Google authorship, then I highly suggest that you take the time to read Google Authorship, Author Rank and Social SEO with Mark Traphagen and learn from the best experts on Google plus that you will ever get to know.

Just so you know, it can take a day or a couple of days for Google to recognize your Google authorship and its not unusual for new writers/authors to wait until 2 or 3 posts have been published, so be patient.  If you are a writer on other networks on a regular basis, then check to see if you are allowed to link to your G+ as an author of that community/network.

Here are this weeks contributions to the blogging community

Network Marketing Business: How To Crash Your Competition

Which Type of Motivation Lasts — External or Internal?

When will I Earn Money From Home?

5 Tips to balance work and home plus one more

To end this edition of the Friday news, I found a video that had quite an impact on me because it talks about being “YOUnique”, overcoming challenges and looking at an obstacle as an opportunity. Have a great week everyone and if you have any comments or thoughts about anything that I have talked about today, then I want to hear from you…leave a comment and I will answer!


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