Adlandpro Friday News|20.12.2013

Adlandpro Friday News|20.12.2013

Friday News – Christmas Edition – lets talk!

Christmas is just around the corner and this edition of the Friday news starts with best wishes to everyone this Christmas holiday season and as you can see below, I have a special treat for you 🙂  Just click on the image and you will see…

Wishing everyone a Happy holiday this Christmas from Bogdan Fiedur and family

Click “ElfYourself” to see the Bogdan Family bring you some holiday cheer

Adlandpro Friday news Question

I received a question by a member who asked the question:

Hi I’m a member of Adlandpro and I’m a little confused by your email system.
How do you mail out to your friends
How do you send out bulletins
Is there someone to click to mail out to your friends list or how does that work?
A great question and thanks for asking! To send emails to friends or other community members you will have to sign up for the Adlander membership which is a premium service and as you can see below this is what you will get with the Adlander service and the Adlandper Plus. Of course there is a bonus to signing up for the premium service – you can refer people to the community AND get paid if they sign up to be Adlanders like yourself!
Friday News talking about premium services on Adlandpro
Of course there are other ways to contact your friends that are more indirect methods which can and are also effective.
1. We have a personal messaging system, where you can contact members. Be respectful when you use this service as spamming people is not tolerated.
2. You can create forums and notify your friends. The best usage of forums is to help educate and inform people about your business and of course other topics that would be interesting to people. We also have groups and events that you can create that are also an effective method of talking to people about your business or telling people of a webinar (as an example) that you are holding.
Here are some of this weeks interesting forums that you might just want to get involved in

Mind blowing facts created by Hafiz
Personalized Splash Pages created by Ken Wolff
Take Care of Your Health created by Luella May
Great Art of the World created by Luis Miguel Goitizolo
Taking your life to a whole new level. created by Barb Doyle

Our Blogging community has seen some fantastic and interesting blog posts that I hope that you will visit and it sure would make the authors feel good if you left them a comment.
This weeks Friday News Blog Roundup are
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Toxic People – how to survive the holidays
Blueberries improve your health
The countdown is on for Christmas and  fitting to end this Friday news review  with an inspirational Christmas story and today I would like to share with you a legend…

Friday News Inspirational story about the legend of the Christmas Rose


Legend Of The Christmas Rose

Christmas is the season of giving gifts, thereby, showing love towards one another. This does not mean that the gifts are the sole expression of your love. No gift is costlier or more valuable than something that that comes straight from the heart even if the gift in question is inconsequential. The tradition of gifts during Christmas originated from the kind gestures of the three Wise Men who brought expensive presents for the Infant Jesus to welcome him into this world. Since then, people have made gifts a mandate for Christmas. But, this must be remembered, as the legend of Christmas Rose will show you, that the gesture counts more than the gift. Perhaps, this legend originated just to teach people that, no matter what you gift, it must be from the heart and soul – even if the gift in question is just a flower. It is owing to this legend that the Christmas rose, the flower which only blooms during the chill of winter, has become an important part of Yuletide celebrations.


The Legend
On a cold December night, everybody was coming to see their new Savior and brought Him all kinds of gifts and presents. The three Wise Men came in with their valuable gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold and offered them to Baby Jesus. At that point, a shepherdess, Madelon, who had seen the wise men passing through, reached the door of the stable, to see the Child. However, being very poor and having brought nothing to offer to the child, she felt helpless and started weeping quietly at the sight of all the wonderful gifts that the Three Wise Men had got for the child. Earlier, she had searched, in vain, for flowers all over the countryside but there was not even a single bloom to be found in the bitter winter.


An angel outside the door was watching over her and knew about her fruitless search. He took pity on her and, when he saw her head drooped down in sorrow, decided to help her with a little miracle. He gently brushed aside the snow at her feet and where her tears had fallen, sprang a beautiful cluster of waxen white winter roses with pink tipped petals. Then he softly whispered into the shepherdess’s ear that these Christmas roses are far more valuable than any myrrh, frankincense or gold, for they are pure and made of love. The maiden was pleasantly surprised when she heard those words and joyfully gathered the flowers and offered them to the Holy Infant, who, seeing that the gift was reared with tears of love, smiled at her with gratitude and satisfaction. Thus, the Christmas rose came to symbolize hope, love and all that is wonderful in this season.

Source: Christmas World

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