Adlandpro Friday News| Merry Christmas

This Friday news is all about you! Merry Christmas

Another Christmas is over and many people are saying farewell to guests, people are looking at what to do with the leftover turkey or making soup from that ham, some of you may be back at work waiting for the celebration of bringing in the New Year, there are many children who have been asking the serious question of What does Santa Claus do after he delivers all his presents? I am happy to report that I have found the answer which I want to share with all of you…

“Well, during the weeks before Christmas I visit with thousands of children, their families and friends. In doing so I give up the time I have to spend with Loved Ones. So, in the days after Christmas and through the New Year, I enjoy a belated Holiday Season with my family, my elves and my friends. It’s a little like a vacation. Then it’s time to begin the planning for next Christmas.”
Ask Santa

While I have been with my family and guests, I have also been watching all of you as you have shared your greetings on the Adlandpro Wall and for this Friday News I want to share some of these Heartfelt wishes. Feel free to bookmark this blog post as a memento of this Christmas season.

Chirstmas greetings from Adlandpro member Roger Bjornerud

Merry Christmas! Under our tree there is something for everyone ~ Roger Bjornerud

Adlandpro member Roger Macdivitt .
Christmas has returned for me.
Yesterday, one of the deepest Atlantic depressions to hit britain for 150 years caused floods and structural damage and is still moving northwards. Where I live we lost our electricity supply ove a huge area. No phones, mobiles, heating, cooking Aaaaaaaagh and Christmas Eve on the horizon.
We had power off all day from 12 midnight on Monday till 6 p.m. tonight (Tues).
We were making plans for Chrismas day without power and then suddenly, like sunshine, lighting. After a depressing day we suddenly have light.
What this did was to make Christmas day full of our gratitude to the engineers who worked in terrible conditions to save it and I will savour every minute of our family day.
Happy Christmas everyone. ~ Roger Macdivitt
Adlandpro member Tracy Seehagel
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year! ~ Tracy Seehagel

via Sadia Khawar

May the souls be enlightened by the power of truth,success,fame,money,prosperity and many sources of right paths. May you all be blessed ever, while living as well as after death.Ameen ~ Sadia Khawar

Friday News Christmas greeting via Ron Watson

via Ron Watson

My City looks like a bride today.. Its so Beautiful.. Its already Christmas here..
I Wish a Happy Marry Christmas to all members of my Adland Home….. Lets Enjoy.. Let the celebration begin ~ Ron Watson

Adlandpro Friday news Christmas greeting from Jovanka Uletilovic

via Jovanka Uletilovic

Marry Christmas to all my AdlandPro friends ~ Jovanka Uletilovic
Adlandpro member Luis Salgado Martinez
Hello, I hope everyone is having a good day and enjoy a Christmas and prosperous new year. Thanks for your good wishes and unconditional support.
It is my hope that this new year will begin a new stage of development at all to enjoy a more comfortable life. ~ Luis Salgado Martinez
Adlandpro Friday news Christmas Greeting by Nerma Selimović
Merry Christmas! Best wishes! via Nerma Selimović
Many of Adlandpro members shared Christmas music on the wall and with all of them being so beautiful, I thought it would be great to show a sampling of the songs chosen by a few of the members. Thank you to Jim Allen, Christina, Dave Cottrell for sharing the joy of Christmas on Adlandpro.

This is just a small sampling of what has been shared on the Adlandpro Wall and I know that there are many of you who are not mentioned in this blog post…please know that you are all thought about, that your contributions have meant so much to all of us.

Let’s make this week a really great one as we head into the New Year – how many of you have set your goals? 

~ Bogdan Fiedur






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