Adlandpro Friday News Roundup| September 13,2013

Adlandpro Friday News Roundup| September 13,2013

At the top of the Friday news round up, how many of you have missed our unofficial friendship frog?  Well just for you our frog has resurfaced and now you can come here anytime you want to see our favorite smiling friend – let’s spread the happiness all over the world, share this post and keep the smiles going!

Adlandpro Friday News Roundup - our favorite frog!

As many of you know our good friend Sam Sunday has a great time with his  great forum called Samaiplus Adland fun Quiz which keeps us guessing and smiling all week, but how many of you know that there is another side to Sam where he shares many topics on his blog appropriately titled samiplus EXRESS. On Facebook, he shared a poem written by Ademide.  At the time of this writing there have been 17 comments on his Facebook post and while I wish I could embed the FB post here, alas that is not going to happen.  I invite you to go to Sam’s post and join in the conversation as there are some very thought provoking comments created so far.

Speaking of embedded  Facebook posts, embed Pinterest boards and now you can embed Google Plus posts on your blog, you have to ask the question – are these four big players in a competition with each other and when is LinkedIn going to follow and add this option?

I noticed that Lesly Federici had shared a thought over on Google Plus  that was worth sharing considering that Adlandpro has its own classified advertising site that I would share it here……


Which Gets Read More – Ads Or Articles?

I have found out that Sadia enjoys puzzles, maybe you could go and answer this particular one?

Friday Focus puzzle

Some great additions to our blogging community are-

Advertising on Craigslist

What to do, If your Facebook Account is Hacked

Understanding Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Salvador Dali’s Mathematical Obsession

Are you a Procrastinator? 6 Little Words that Could Change Your Life

Why should people get involved with the Adlandpro blogging community? I did a Google search on Hafiz’s blog post Formalin detection in only 5 Seconds and while Google is not showing a direct link to the post, it is showing the Adlandpro blog in first spot under two paid ads as you can see here..

Friday focus showing the power of Adlandpro blogging community


As Mark Dewey pointed out“Now just think of the potential this new Blogging Platform can have not only for AdlandPro but for the members too.”
By the way Mark has a yard sale that he wishes to announce
 Yard Sale via Mark Dewey
From Business to social Adlandpro has something for everyone and I would like to end this Adlandpro Friday roundup with some of the great shares by the different members.  I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of the Adlandpro Friday news roundup and don’t forget to share it will all your friends..
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