Adlandpro Friday News Roundup| 15.11.2013

Adlandpro Friday News Roundup| 15.11.2013

Friday news roundup from around the net and of course from Adlandpro.

Weekly Adlandpro Friday news

A great quote to start the Friday news
If you want to accomplish something, the first person you have to overcome is yourself ~  Ritu Ghatourey
when you have written a blog post how are you promoting and sharing your work?
If you are new to  blogging, its important to understand that unless you share your work, the reality is that no one is going to see it and you can’t always rely on others to do it for you. Just like planning a journey you need to be organized on what you need to do and then how to do it. The point to sharing your blog post is to get more people to read and see what you have done understanding that on every social network you have different readers.
When you have created a post on the Adlandpro blogging community, we have made it very easy for you to share your posts with the different sharing buttons that can be seen on every post and to give you some added help we automatically send your posts  to the different Adlandpro accounts on such networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our G+ business page
There are other things you can do to spread the word about your blog post:
Get the extension “Add this” which can be used on Firefox as well as Chrome. The nice thing about this extension is that not only is it great to get your post “out there” to the different social networks, but it is a great way to share the love and share what other people are posting!
Stumble the post.  Using Stumbleupon is still a great way to share your useful information and a backlink from them is just as powerful when someone stumbles your post.
You may have noticed some of the authors on the blogging community are syndicating their work from their “personal or business” blog. Blog syndication is another way for you to get additional exposure to a blog and some people have found this very useful. Always be sure to pay attention to the rules of any blogging network/syndication service so that you will not be banned. Some notable places where you can syndicate your blog post are
Blog engage
Networked Blogs 
A couple of other ways you could share your blog post:
If you have any chat application, you change your IM status and talk about your new post or even a post that you read that had meaning to you
If you like emailing people, you can use a service such as wise stamp and create a dynamic signature with your blog post in your signature
The only thing limiting you is your imagination and your creativity. Do you have any tips to share about getting the word out about your blog posts?
We have had some great blog posts this week
Don’t forget to
Read – Rate- Comment – Share
Pointers That Will Increase Your Income From Home
Fast Food: Good or Bad for our Health?
MLM Independent Distributors: Whose Business Are You Building?
The real meaning of social networking
How to Choose an Affiliate Program
An Affiliate marketing moment for everyone…
Many people go into affiliate marketing thinking that they will make decent money easily.  The fact is affiliate marketing takes work and when you become an affiliate marketer treating it like a business will give you the best chance for success. Affiliate marketing is not a short term solution, you need to understand that you need to pace yourself, you need to be consistent and you need look to the long term.
David Ford, the owner and founder of the AFF Playbook forum did an awesome post that I highly suggest that you watch and listen –  its called What makes a successful affiliate and though its a bit long, be prepared for a dose of reality!
If you are looking to add to your affiliate marketing portfolio, then the Adlandpro affiliate program will be of interest to you.  To learn about the program, just click on the link!
I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks Friday news and to end this roundup, here are a few great shares by the different members of Adlandpro on our wall

via Len Berghoef

Jim Allen‘s idea for a great nature walk

Adlandpro humor via Dave A. Weed



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  • Always positive, this week’s Adlandpro Friday News Review does not disappoint! It is so encouraging to see how the blog community on Adlandpro is growing. The pointers on sharing are absolutely on target, and work. I would simply add that as time passes, tools like Buffer become very handy for getting the word out about a new article to multiple social sites at once. It’s also a great idea to use for sharing interesting articles throughout your day and to use it for sharing your blog articles. can also be connected to Buffer, now, which is very handy. Hootsuite is another good one, but be careful not to create any loops!
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…Ask for the Referral!My Profile

    • Hi Geoff, thanks for commenting.

      I have responded on to one of our members who asked additional questions to social networks and StumbleUpon. Here is the response.

      While everyone keeps talking about sharing on social networks, the fact is for many people, they will choose one or two to focus on. I know of people who only use twitter and Facebook and are very successful, but as we all are hearing, Google plus is important.

      Every social network has its own way of doing things and finding people to follow you has always been a challenge to many people.

      (From my personal viewpoint) It has always been my outlook that when you are on networks you need to find people who like what you like, share your values or interests and when you say something it resonates with them in one form or another.

      On every social network you need to start the ball rolling by finding those people and normally you can go to the search bar and type in an interest that you have, for example in Hafiz’s case, health, medicine, doctors would be a great start to finding people that you can share and talk to.

      On stumble upon, it is the same way, there are two ways to find people
      1. you can find your contacts and invite them to Stumbpleupon

      2. you can go here: and find like minded people to follow and engage with. Now Stumbleupon is different from all the other social networks out there in terms that you can only have 500 followers in total and they limit how many you can follow in one day, so be aware of this fact.
      Stumpleupon went through a time where they were not doing to well, but they have been making a comeback in part because of the design changes as well as going mobile.

      Just like on Adlandpro, the more active you are, the more you engage with people, the more you will be known and even listened to..this thinking is the same for ALL social networks.

      When you are active and share..then you will get the dividends!

      One piece of the puzzle that people have difficulty with is in learning how to comment on what people are saying, I call it outsourcing, when you go to a tweet, a post on FB or G or even Stumblieupon and comment and “engage” with people..then people will start paying attention to you and just like dominoes.. people will start noticing you and will want to follow you.

      It takes time and effort, it takes planning and scheduling what you are doing in a methodical manner.

      I hope this helps

      • Yes, thanks, Bogdan.. it helps a ton. Responding positively is my new method and what you detailed about StumbleUpon rings a lot of bells. Socializing is the new deepened WAY of The Internet. It’s not like the old S.E.M. doing trillions of simple pages to get dredged up in searches… It is more socially real. So thanks for caring…. G.
        Geoff Dodd recently posted…LoyaltePays Becomes SmartRebranderMy Profile


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