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Online Strategies is something that everyone is talking about on Adlandpro and elsewhere and so on Today’s Friday News I thought this would be a good topic to talk about.

When you realize that the Internet is becoming ( or has it already?) the primary source for information world wide, then understanding how to use this information to your best advantage is important.
When you think about online strategies what comes to mind? For most of you it will be about online marketing strategies, but there are other types of strategies that you need to consider so that you will become more successful in your career and make no mistake, whether you are affiliate marketing, network marketing or being an entrepreneur, then gaining an understanding of different issues will save you time and frustration in the future.
Speaking of strategies, I am experimenting with PPC advertisments on the wall. The reason for this is I am creating a “new” affiliate program which will be a stand alone affilate program dealing with PPC advertising. I will be talking about this, when I have this completed. The affiliate program that you are used to will not be going away, this new progam will have its own “point of entry”. It has always been my goal that people have a way to create income for themselves, that would be good for “them”. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the new program.

One of the online strategies that people do not consider is staying safe especially with the increased popularity in using mobile. Many folks will use their mobile devises in such places as coffee shops, malls and other such places. When you are using public WIFI, are you staying safe? While we all love free WIFI, its important to consider that you might be opening yourself to a lot of security risks.
I was reading a good post by Misty McPadden talking about this issue and it’s called Use Public WiFi: Better Check Out Cloak. There is a lot of very good information on this post for you to think about and while she is talking about a particular app that from everything I am reading is a great option for you, if you cant or dont want to spend money at this time, you might want to consider a program called Hotspot Sheild or JustFreeVpn. Like  many free applications that you can get while there are many advantages, its wise to be aware of some of the disadvantages including  being ad-supported and they might be slow.
What ever you choose to use, please be aware of your privacy in public places and make one of your online strategies a matter of keeping safe online.
One of our new members Gary Marcough is an avid reader and another online strategy is reading books that will help keep you motivated. As Gary said

“It never hurts to re-read some books over and over again. “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason is a must read for anyone who strives to be successful, no matter what market in which you are trying to be successful.”

If you are interested in reading this book, a free version has been found for you, just click on the image and you will be taken to a new page.

online strategy  read books to motivate you

“Advice is one thing that is freely given away, but watch that you only take what is worth having.” [Tweet this quote]
~ George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon
What else can I say about online strategies that you may not have considered?
How about lets talk for a moment about ( should I whisper it?) Plagiarism, stealing and flattery? Thats the title of a post on SocialNorth by the way and its an important topic to consider when you are online marketing or online anything for that matter. Here is a question for all of you. How many of you are sharing what is on the Adlandpro wall, a Faceook ( as an example) status and not giving credit to where you found it? This is an example of not giving proper credit to the person who originally shared it, it’s not a great way to become known as a person who is credible and it won’t garner you any success in your business. Food for thought.
An announcement regarding the Adlandpro Blogging Community.  I have had people coming to me stating that they want to leave comments but its too difficult.  As we all know one of the best online stratgies you will use is doing what is called “blog outreach” where you can share your thought on a persons blog. When you do this, you are sharing your skills as well as sharing your business.  On the Adlandpro blogging community there is  another advantage to commenting on a blog and that is you earn credits.  We now have it set up that you can go to a blog and comment without registering first.  Just as with any blog you go to, you will be taken to the comment and you will only have to enter your name, email and website.  As we are looking to people to share quality comments to the blog authors, the comments are moderated manually.  If you do not see your comment within a reasonable length of time, please contact Diane and she will get on it asap. We are always looking for  good content to be shared, so if you are a writer, then check out the Adlandpro blogging community and register.

commenting on blogs is a good online strategy

A new Adlandpro member Edward Patterson shared a recipe on his forum appropriately called Edward’s Recipes called Double Chocolate chip Frappe and for anyone needing a chocolate fix, this is recipe is for you.
double chocolate chip frappe recipe
As always we have some great articles on the Adlandpro blogging community, so be sure to check them out and we are getting some great content on the different forum including Sandra Cromwell’s forum Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.
While it’s time to end this Friday news, there is one online strategy that we should never forget and that is  being able to laugh, as we are all learning when you take a moment to laugh you will feel better and its good for your health…how’s that for inspiration!    Don’t forget to share your thoughts about any of the stories shared on this Friday news, and go ahead and share with your friends..another important online strategy!
Online strategy laugh and dance

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