AdlandPro Friday Review for April 12th

AdlandPro Friday Review for April 12th

This Friday Review comes to you from snowy Winnipeg and this is what I do when the fish are not biting lol

The fish are not biting, will take a snooze

What another week it has been for AdlandPro and the rest of the world and I have to say even though I may look like I am resting, I really am dreaming up new things to for AdlandPro!

As most of you are aware, two incredible  ladies from different parts of the world passed away, one being

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher (October 13th 1925 – April 8th 2013)


Mickey Mouse Club’ original Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello, one of the best-known members of the original 1950s

In other news, Google has launched a tool that will allow users to decide what happens to their data after they die or become inactive online, the first major company to deal with the sensitive issue. The feature applies to email, social network Google Plus and other accounts. What do you think about this and would you use it?

Before I get on with what all the members are doing on AdlandPro, pay attention to the new feature that has been added.  Now when you write a post or make a comment, you now can share with the world via sharing buttons and it looks like this:

At Adlandpro, every post you create and comment made can now be share easily via the sharing buttons

when it comes to social media marketing, when you share your content and your comments your followers will read or share with their followers what you have said and that is called earned media impressions ( my social media tip)

Now on to what the members have been doing on the AdlandPro community and it sure has been a very busy week for everyone 🙂

Who is Nerma Selimović?A new member –  Nerma Selimović created her very first forum called “WOW! My First #AdlandPro Thread!” It is such a delight to see a new member learn something new, have fun and make friends who are there to help and support her.  Way to go Nerma and I hope everyone gets to her forum to say hello.

David RowlandDavid Rowland has started a new forum all about gardening and suitably called Gardening Tips and Tricks and I learned about toilet paper rolls being used as an inexpensive seed starter. David has a lot of great information, so make a point of checking it out!

Branka BabicBranka Babic would like you to know that a petition needs to be signed. I will let you go read this post but warning it is very distressing to read. For Toby – Toby’s Law

Lydia FokinaLydia Fokina created a forum called Green Hedgehog which was a competition. All people had to do was comment and the question was asked what was it and why. A lively discussion was created ( you will have to go and read all about it). Well winners were announced – Bogdan, Dave, Myrna, Diane, Branka and now she is asking whose response is the best. I find it amazing how the members of Adlandpro in the spirit of community are coming up with ways and means to create not only activity to our community but adding a lot of fun and interest also.  Thank you Lydia

There are so many forums that I would love to share with you here on this Friday review, but there are so many of them.  Why not come to the  AdlandPro Community and see what everyone is doing?

AdlandPro Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes go to……

Are you ready for the next installment of E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop?   Part 7- Research your competition is ready for reading. I look forward to your comments and feedback as always 🙂Another installment of  AdlandPro Website Success Course – 7 – Website promotion (Social Media) Part 3 has been just published.
There you will find an interesting summary about Social Media.


Today’s Friday Review story is called: 

The house with the golden windows

The little girl lived in a small, very simple, poor house on a hill and as she grew she would play in the small garden and as she grew she was able to see over the garden fence and across the valley to a wonderful house high on the hill – and this house had golden windows, so golden and shining that the little girl would dream of how magic it would be to grow up and live in a house with golden windows instead of an ordinary house like hers.

And although she loved her parents and her family, she yearned to live in such a golden house and dreamed all day about how wonderful and exciting it must feel to live there.

When she got to an age where she gained enough skill and sensibility to go outside her garden fence, she asked her mother is she could go for a bike ride outside the gate and down the lane. After pleading with her, her mother finally allowed her to go, insisting that she kept close to the house and didn’t wander too far. The day was beautiful and the little girl knew exactly where she was heading! Down the lane and across the valley, she rode her bike until she got to the gate of the golden house across on the other hill.

As she dismounted her bike and lent it against the gate post, she focused on the path that lead to the house and then on the house itself…and was so disappointed as she realized all the windows were plain and rather dirty, reflecting nothing other than the sad neglect of the house that stood derelict.

So sad she didn’t go any further and turned, heart broken as she remounted her bike … As she glanced up she saw a sight to amaze her…there across the way on her side of the valley was a little house and its windows glistened golden …as the sun shone on her little home.

She realized that she had been living in her golden house and all the love and care she found there was what made her home the ‘golden house’. Everything she dreamed was right there in front of her nose!

I hope that you enjoyed the AdlandPro Friday Review this week.  I have to tell you I love being able to share with all of you and as always, if you have any suggestions or comments about this post, please leave me a comment and feel free to share this with all your friends and followers.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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