Adlandpro Friday Review for July 5th, 2013

Adlandpro Friday Review for July 5th, 2013

The Friday review is a round up of stories and news from Adlandpro…


With the Canadians celebrating Canada Day and the US celebrating the 4th of July, one would think that there was very little to talk about on the Friday Review, but you would be wrong ūüôā


Did you know that Iceland Independence day is June 17th? Christopher Shaddock has a great forum talking about Icelands Independence that is worth reading. 

Luis Miguel captivates the members with the different art that he finds and His sharing of Zev Hoover is a must see. Teen photographer scores big hit with tiny people.

Dave Rowland has been busy making jewelry and these multi-coloured seashell earrings ( yes made with real seashells) are great gifts to think about getting for your favorite somebody and would be a special wow for weddings, birthdays etc.  Seashell Earrings.

When you think about computers and especially the mouse that we all use, do you know who helped create the mouse? Douglas Engelbart was considered by many to be a computer visionary. Branka Babic talks about Douglas Engelbart who passed away at 88 yrs of age. 

Mark Dewey has been busy on the Adlandpro Learning Center talking to people about marketing, affiliate marketing as well as sharing the different logos and banners that he creates to share and help all the members of Adlandpro.

Did you know that Bill Vanderbilt’s forum has had 723 views since he started this incredibly important topic about toxic mold. Understanding the health effects of toxic mold is an eye opening and must read forum, but more important, getting involved and talking is one way to help yourself or others who have suffered from this terrible illness. ¬†Welcome to our Mold Mare

Friday Review drum roll

Credit contest winner for June 2013 is

Friday review Credit contest winner for June 2013

David A. Weed 
28100 credits

The contest is held every month, and any Community member can win!

Winning is easy — all you have to do is collect credits. There are many ways to do this. You can check them all out¬†here.

The best part is, you can redeem any credits you earn for valuable prizes, even if you don’t win the contest! So, there’s no reason not to participate.

You can check out the current contest rankings on this page.

You can find the archive of winners here.

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Lisa Simpkins shared a very good post on G+ regarding Youtube and copyrights.  This is a very important topic for many people and one that we all need to be aware of YouTube Explains Copyright In The Best Way Possible.


Sometimes the best inspiration comes from seeing life begin through the eyes of a child or in this case a miniature donkey. Terry Hallett on Google Plus shares the new Miniature Donkey born at the Berlin Zoo and what a wonderful way to end this Adlandpro Friday Review


Friday Review on the Sardinian Miniature Donkey


Donkey of Brown
~Patricia Higgins

Donkey of brown please let me know
Why is it that you go so slow?
He turned round gently and to me said
I have some sense in my little brown head.

By hurrying so as you go by
You miss the beauty in earth and sky.
So I took his advice and looked around,
And I saw diamonds in dew drops on the ground.

Daises that dance in the sun’s golden ray,
Things I missed as I hurried each day.
Gold in the buttercups, clouds in the blue,
What the donkey had said was perfectly true.




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