Adlandpro Friday Review for May 24th

Adlandpro Friday Review for May 24th

This Friday review celebrates the members of Adlandpro this memorial weekend.

The count down is on for our neighbors who live in the United States who celebrate Memorial Day on May the 27th and while Luella May has a great discussion about enjoying a healthier and safer Memorial day weekend, I thought it would be cool to share with you the Library of Congress Civil War collection as this special day all started with the civil war.  A Quick Memorial Day Fact for you – The Poem “Bivouac of the Dead” is often recited on Memorial Day and inscribed on iron tablets throughout many of the country’s national cemeteries including the original entrance to Arlington National Cemetery.  The poem was written by Theodore O’Hara to honor his fellow soldiers from Kentucky who died in the Mexican-American War.

Jim Allen showed everyone a video  “Beware Of GMO Franken-Foods!!! MONSANTO MAYHEM” and after the video, you will understand the concern many people are having. What are your thoughts about this important topic?

Every time I see Ken Wolff write on the wall it brings a smile to everyone’s face and this one update is no exception

Adlandpro Friday Review: Ken Wolff update

I loved this wording made by Michael Caron on David A Weed’s forum Rebooting and thanks Michael and all of you who make Adlandpro what it is – an open forum where people can talk and respect each other:

My ideas and thoughts are not shared by everyone, however they are not condemned by anyone either. In this community you are allowed to be yourself without fear of ridicule. When I enter other communities, I quickly learn that I have to choose my words carefully…

You will have noticed that I have put the star rating and thumbs up/down on the blog.  The reason I did this was to get a good idea of how you are feeling about the content that is being put on this blog. A small group of us were talking about the issue of people putting low ratings on the site and I think we have come to a consensus – it is perfectly fine if you do not agree with any given post, but please make a comment to explain why you are not liking  what is written and that way we can all learn and it will be helpful to everyone.  You will also be giving everyone the chance to rate and talk about what you are saying and it makes everything fair to the authors, the readers and to yourself.
Sometimes when you read something it resounds in you to such a degree that you just have to share and this Social Media moment is brought to you by Stephanie Montreuil on the SteamFeed blog. The post is titled
Be the Change You Want to See – In Social Media and I will just put in small part of the post… I urge you to go read the whole post because it talks about criticizing brands or pointing out a persons “ineptitude” etc.

“You reap what you sow. You are what you tweet. Your network is a reflection of your thinking and beliefs. If it’s not, then it’s time to act and correct your course. It’s always healthy to check in and validate that you are being true to your beliefs. And it’s probably good to step back and regroup once in a while.


Adlandpro Friday Review| Lady found her pet safe and sound after the Oklahoma Tornado.

More than three days has passed since the Oklahoma Tornado and the first funeral for one of the children was held on Thursday for Young Antonia Lee Candelaria aged 9yrs old. On Behalf of everyone of AdlandPro, our thoughts and prayers go to everyone who has been affected by this destruction.  The American Red Cross continues to expand relief efforts and if you would like to help go to, calling 1-800-RED CROSS or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. These donations help provide food, shelter and emotional support to those affected by disasters.

Don Evans has been busy with his forum Business, Money and Promotion, Branka has a great forum called Place for ads where she will promote your business and Christina has her cool collectibles where she is posting cool vintage items, clothing and jewelry that she sells.

There is so much happening on AdlandPro and I almost forgot, We now are putting video tutorials on the site as they are made to help you with the different functions on the site

Dave Cottrell has been very busy doing his job for AdlandPro including writing some very good and appreciated blog posts for this blog – Thanks Dave 🙂 He has reminded me to let you know that he would like everyone to get in to get the surveys done. Here are the links to help you get at them easier –

The Social Network Survey – provides insight into the types of things that people are looking for on social networks

The Adlandpro Website Survey – will show what Adlandpro is doing right with the website and what the members would like to see changed or imporved.

The Adlandpro Slogan Poll  – many people remember a company for many years, even long after they last dealt with the company, by their slogan. This poll offers several choices of slogans, plus a way to suggest a new one.

The Adlandpro Affiliate Target Market Analysis – will provide valuable information to help improve, upgrade, update and increase the profitability of the Adlandpro Affiliate program for affiliates.

I noticed  that Diane has been busy with the forums she has created, but there is one that I felt would make a good ending to this Friday Review. She has given me permission to put in here this one topic as long as I also put in a picture of her cat. Here you go Diane…your Cat lol. This topic is on the forum social Thoughts and I hope you enjoy.

ending this Friday review with an inspirational list of things to do

10 things TO DO in your life

1. DON’T give away your power to people. Take responsibility for
your life. If things aren’t going as hoped in your life, re examine
your deepest beliefs. Swap limiting beliefs for empowering ones.

2. DO get a pet! According to Power vs. Force, a purring cat
vibrates at 500 (anything over 200 is good..) . . . Diane’s cat,
Pooder, must vibrate at least 800 – so fast, it makes his hair fall

3. DON’T watch movies that drag you down. According to Power vs.Force, this is most films. Watch movies that will make you feel
good. Listen to music that fills you with positive emotions. Read books that empower you. (Control the input to your brain, and you’ll control your output).

4. DO focus on what you want in your life, not what you don’t want – remember the law of attraction… You have the power to create the life of your dreams – even if the world around you seems messed up, don’t lose focus…

5. DO imagine that what you dream of is in your life now, and feel grateful for it now …and after that think of 10 more things to be grateful for.

6. DO have fun. Life is about being happy. Don’t wait until you have this, or that… Don’t put off happiness. Live now. Enjoy now.

7. DO seek to discover the truth about the meaning of your life. The answers are there if you look for them. Awareness and peace of mind are high vibrations.

8. DON’T watch the news on television. It is filled with negativity which lowers your vibrations. (Why is 95% of all news all the time focused on bad news? Hint: It’s about marketing and control.) If you want to keep abreast of current affairs search the
internet for independent, unbiased news. Seek the truth. Trust your intuition. This will also help you give you a much more balanced view of reality. There’s lots of good news out there if you’re
looking for it…

9. DO  help other people. Forgiveness, compassion
and understanding are good vibrations.

10. DO use the power of ‘I CAN’ by sharing this with others to empower  your life and to help others.

Until next week, I wish all of you a fantastic weekend and don’t forget to share this review with all your friends

Thank you Jim Allen for sharing this wonderful Google Doodle

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  • Thanks for the post Bogdan. I look forward to the Friday catch up for sure. One thing I have noticed folks doing and that is overusing the word “Empower” in their postings. If the reason for this is the power of the keyword benefit, then you will most likely not get the full benefit of its power because there are so many capitalizing off its use now, its power is questionable. IMHO As suggested I use my intuition, it works really well offline. But online is a different story. Otherwise I would fishing or shooting pool somewhere. 😉

    Jim (~Rebel)

    • Hi Jim,

      I will take your acknowledgment of your interests in looking forward to Friday reviews. It is always good to hear someone being interested in work being done here. As you know English is my second language and not all of the language related nuances are detectable by me. I could agree that if you use word “empower” in context of PR statements too often this could have adverse effect , but if this is just part of a motivational article it is just a word which communicates to you the concept.

    • I remember not that long ago reading a post ( I should try and find it again) about buzz words and some of them had me groaning.

      The word empower is a good word, but now a days is being associated with a program of the same name and I guess people now associate this word with that program. I will not get into whether that is good or bad….lol

      I like the Friday review because it gives me a chance to find out what is going on in the community and I like that!

      Back to that word….lol
      Have you looked up the synonyms to the word empower..oh my! I feel in the context of what was written, it was a good word to use
      Diane ( Blogneta) recently posted…The Church Of No PeopleMy Profile


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