AdlandPro Friday Review – March 22

AdlandPro Friday Review – March 22


The wonderful thing about doing the Adlandpro Friday review is…………….

it gives me as well as you a chance to take perspective on what is going on in the world and of course AdlandPro.

Last week the biggest news was the election of a new pope as well as the fact that Google Reader is going to shut down and these are still hot topics as the Pope is letting the world know that he is indeed a Pope for the people with his mandate to be there for the poor as well as a keen interest in the environment. As for Google Reader, maybe not a much a hot topic and it would seem not everyone is unhappy with it being retired as seen by Frederic Lardinois who uses the words

 Google Reader turned into a zombie a long time ago and it’s good that Google finally killed it.”

I’m unsure of how many of you realized that a very well known person..Fred Rogers AKA Mr. Rogers would have turned 85 last week. As many of you know I love quotes, especially quotes that inspire and ones that speak of human value. I paid a small tribute to this man on G+ and I invite you to go read and share about this wonderful neighbor.

while many of us use Twitter to share information, share links or advertise what we are doing, Twitter can also be used to further different causes. Case in point police agencies around the world will connect via Twitter to participate in a 24-hour Tweet-a-thon in an effort to create awareness about social media. The hastag that will be used is #polwt and to date more than 80 agencies are joining in including the Vancouver police. This event will start today, so log into Twitter and say hi to these men and women when you get a chance.

In the world of Adlandpro, many exciting things are happening behind the scenes, reasearch into the new directions being done for Adlandpro and as soon as I have anything definitive to say, you will be the first to know. I have also been working on such things as updating our security certificates, keeping you all safe when you are socializing or advertising on (as many of you call) your home.

I have done another EBusiness Success Blueprint workshop for you to read and in this lesson I talk about Keywords and how to determine search keywords for your solution.  In this lesson  I have a great exercise for you that will help you understand how people might be looking for you to solve their problems.

The AdlandPro forum is a fantastic way to network and socialize

There are some really great forums being created that are lively, interesting and fun
Beauty in Adland. A place to learn, look and share art by Roger Macdivitt

Take Care of Your Health by Luella May is a place to talk about health and some fantastic health recipes

The Welcoming Club by Alain Deguire ( who has a birthday coming up) is a great way to be introduced to the community.

The AdlandPro Wall has become such a success, and so many people use it to say hi, share a joke, music etc…I loved what Ernest Polk said “WOW! I like this better than Facecrap (Facebook). LOL!” ….Thanks Ernest and I am very glad you are enjoying our community.


Adlandpro welcomes all of its new membersSome AdlandPro members that I would like to highlight today are:

Ernest Polk
Wanda Morales 
Jessica Prince
Justin Hobson

If you have not connected with them yet, give them a shout and say hi!


This Facebook tip comes from Tom Treanor of rightmix marketing;

Do you know the top 10 reason people unfriend people in Facebook?

Offensive Comments
Don’t know them well
Trying to sell me something
Depressing comments
Lack of interaction
Political comments
Breakup / divorce
Don’t like their friends
Update profile too often
They add too many people

If you feel the need to unfollow or unfriend a person, then follow these instructions


An AdlandPro Tip – Networking and being social is an incredible way to form relationships and being able to share on all the great social networks is a wonderful way to get to know people.  When you fill out your profile, be sure to add in your Twitter handle so that we can follow each other and share our lives in and outside of AdlandPro.  When you leave a comment, please include your Twitter handle and I will be sure to follow you.

A couple of Adlandpro members to follow on Twitter are…
Robert Szabo @expeditus
Jim Allen III @JimAllenIII
Wanda Morales @WandaIMorales

Last week I shared with you that the Facebook Page for Adlandpro was at 591 likes, I am very pleased to tell you that at the time of this Friday review being written our likes have gone up to 635! Whoo hoo and way to go! Lets go for the stars and get to 1000!


If you have any topics that you would like to see on this special Adlandpro Friday review, then please contact me either in the comments or send me a message…you know who I am.. Bogdan Fiedur 🙂


I leave you this week with a great video shared by Dave Cottrell our AdlandPro Affiliate Manager…have a great week everyone

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