AdlandPro Friday Review

AdlandPro Friday Review

This will be the first of the AdlandPro Friday Review for this blog, a way to share what is happening in the world as well as what has been happening on the AdlandPro community

 There have been a few noteworthy events worth sharing –


AdlandPro News - Pope Francis's 1st mass shows simpler style of papacyThe Catholic Church elected a new pope, the first ever from South America and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium  Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina has taken on the name Pope Francis. Known for a career in overseeing churches in Argentina, the new pope is known for having a keep political sense and will be the leader of the worlds 1.2 billion Catholics.


AdlandPro News -The Google Reader Petition

On the world wide net, Google announced that it will be scrapping its Google Reader July 1 and the uproar could be heard around the net, from Twitter, Facebook and in the G+ communities. While many were hailing the white smoke announcing the new pope, others were saying that black smoke rising from Google regarding the reader had taken over everything on Twitter. More than 5,200 people have already signed a petition started by Dan Lewis to try to save the  Google Reader.Many people are already scrambling to find a replacement for the Google Reader including myself and to date  of all the options, Feedly seems to be a good choice although Digg has announced that they are coming out with their own reader.
A new member to AdlandPro Doris HullettOn the AdlandPro homefront, we have been getting a steady new stream of people joining the community, which is very exciting, so a warm welcome to all of you and hope that you will stay for a very long time.


Adlandpro in a box. Everything you need to run your business The Credit builder is up and working and from the looks of the statistics, it is showing itself to be a very popular   tool among the members. For those of you who are not familiar this, I refer you to the post that I have done The Credit Builder.




Adlandpro Facebook likes are going upOn Facebook our page is becoming popular and the likes to the page has been showing a steady increase..let keep it going.




There have been some very good forums being created by the membership, which to be honest has amazed me. The people creating these forums have been putting up quality content that is both interesting as well as fun. To list every single one of them here,would make this post very lengthy, so I have decided to list 3 of the forums today and will introduce new ones every week.

Samiplus Express  by Sam Sunday

GREAT ART OF THE WORLD  by Luis Miguel Goitizolo

It’s a Musical World by Michael Caron

AdlandPro Website Success  your key to being a success

 I have been slowly putting up the AdlandPro Website success course, which has been showing a very favorable reaction to many people and will put the links here as well for easy access.

AdlandPro Website Success

Part 1 The Essentials

Part 2 Automating Your Work

Part 3 Domain names and hosting!

Part 4 Website Design

E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop

Introduction (Can your last year’s failure be this year’s success?)

Part 1 – Design/Plan Your Entire Year

Part 2- Your passion

Part 3 – Your business ideas

Bogdan Fiedur weekly twitter tips


Twitter is a great place for sharing news  on  just about ever kind of topic. Sharing great content is the single best way to gain followers and become known as someone of value.



Great people to follow on Twitter  from the Adlandpro Community are

Dave Cottrell   @klagoosh
Branka Babic  @BrankaBabic
Ken Wolff   @KenWolff

Bogdan Fiedur  @adlandpro

 There are other things going on in the back room of Adlandpro and what you have been seeing over the course of the last few months is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of building Adlandpro into one of the best social networking sites and a business that everyone will be proud to be part of.

Until next week, have a great weekend and if you have any questions or ideas on what you would like to see on the AdlandPro Friday Review, leave a comment and lets see what we can do

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