Adlandpro Marketing Tip 01

Adlandpro Marketing Tip 01

This simple Adlandpro Marketing tip is geared for anyone who is new to online marketing as well as the seasoned marketer

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Be Realistic in your approach to online marketing

The fact is ( many seasoned marketers are nodding) that many people who are new to internet marketing or online marketing as is it is known are too impatient and expect results in an instant.
Fact! Online marketing and affiliate marketing will only work if people trust you and it is going to take time and effort on your part.
Understand that advertising is like renting a persons attention and content marketing is earning a person’s attention.
While both of these forms of marketing can be paid or free, realize that even the free method is going to cost you something.

Is it realistic to say that you can be a successful marketer without putting out any money?
The answer is no!

Regardless of the time you spent, the energy you will be expending in building those relationships, learning how to get people to find you and of course building relationships, you are still going to need to spend some money on various marketing tools to help you reach your goals in any marketing/affiliate marketing venture.

That being said, I guess nothing is impossible and I always advocate the usage of good quality free tools.

My best suggestion to any of you who are new to online marketing, its great to have enthusiasm, but by being realistic you are going to find your online marketing journey a lot more pleasant.

What marketing tip or tips would you give to others who are new to online marketing?


Here are  your 5 marketing quotes to help you be inspired but to also stay realistic

1. If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy.” – Jim Metcalf

2. “The consumer is not a moron; she is your wife.” – David Ogilvy

3. “We’re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest.” – Josh Bernoff

4. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

5. “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar



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