Adlandpro Marketing Tip #02

Marketing tip #02

As you are getting ready for Christmas,  remember that typically users check their mobile phones approximately 150 times a day.  Be sure to make your emails mobile friendly.
A few Ways your can make your emails mobile friendly:
1. Make sure your text can be read easily. Use a minimum of size 14pt font for body text and 22pt for headlines.

2. Keep your headlines to 40 characters or less.  A smaller screen means less space to work with and people tend to open short but sweet headlines.

3. Remember that a lot of people have images blocked in email – this is true for mobile and for desktop. So be sure to only use a few images, and fill in the alt-text so people know what the pictures are whether they can see them or not.

4. Don’t play with fonts.Many of the mobile devices will only open certain fonts (including the usual Arial, Times New Roman and Tahoma), so stick to those.

5 When hyperlinking text, make sure you don’t stack links on top of each other if it can be avoided. It’s really annoying to try to tap links that are close together since your thumb blocks your line of sight, and touch screens are not quite as precise as clicking with a mouse pointer.

Marketing Tip Bonus:

It is very  important to use a quality email preview tool for every email marketing campaign. A good email preview tool makes it easy to format your messages properly so you know they will look great on every device and every email client.
There are many paid services that you can use and they are all good, but with Christmas almost here, here is a free tool to get you started on the right foot.

This email preview tool – available for free – represents a great choice for the novice mobile marketer  as this tool makes it easy to preview your emails while you save your money.  Putsmail supports most popular email clients and devices, and it includes an instant preview option you can use to tweak and update your emails on the go.

Marketing Tip Resource

18 Key Hacks to Make Your Email Mobile-Friendly January 14, 2015 By Salesforce Canada in Mobile
Image Source: 18 Key Hacks to Make Your Email Mobile-Friendly

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