Adlandpro Traffic Exchange

Adlandpro Traffic Exchange

Adlandpro Traffic Exchange, a different kind of traffic driving platform

The Adlandpro Traffic Exchange is one of the oldest traffic exchanges on the internet, and certainly one of the most unique.

 In this day of five second counters, blaring video and crazy, in-your-face graphics, Adlandpro stands alone in its ability to truly do what a traffic exchange is supposed to do, advertise for you on the world wide web.  

Adlandpro Traffic Exchange

In the early day of traffic exchanges, they were few in number, and really were just about the only way to get noticed online.

 Google didn’t exist, online classified advertising was in its infancy, safelists didn’t exist, and spam was something you either fried or put in a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

 The traffic exchanges were simple, stable, and usually limited their ads to a 468 x 60 banner at the top. Any one of them ran a thirty second timer, which meant that there really was time for the viewer to look around. As a website owner, you had a bit of a chance of making your pitch, before the surfer clicked away.

 Today, the traffic exchanges are a dizzying mix of flashing colours, loud noises and crazy, corny names. What kind of a name is Traffic Zombie? Yeah, it’s one of them!! Most traffic exchanges now have five second timers, so no one has time to see anything between clicks, unless something really grabs their attention FAST!

 The Adlandpro Traffic Exchange is unique in today’s high speed world. There are no flashy graphics, loud noises, annoying videos or any of the other things so common on other sites. Furthermore, there is a thirty second timer, which allows the visitor to sit back and browse in a relaxed and friendly manner.

 The viewer is presented with a page of short, neat, classified ads, each with their title linked to their web page. The surfer chooses an ad that interests her, then clicks to go to that site. The timer runs for thirty seconds, giving plenty of time to look at the page, then the GO link appears and the credit is recorded.

The idea behind the five second timers on the other sites is to see as many sites and rack up as many credits as you possibly can in as short a time as possible. But that is also what everybody else is doing, and it ends up taking a lot more credits to get the job done.

 I’ve used the Adlandpro traffic exchange for years, both earning credits as a surfer, and buying paid ads on the exchange. My personal experience has been excellent, with WAY higher than average success with less effort or cost than the regular exchanges.

 The Adlandpro Traffic Exchange isn’t fancy or flashy. It’s a solidly built, very stable, thoroughly time tested workhorse that produces results, day after day, month after month, year after year, since 1998. I highly recommend it.

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