#AdlandPro Wednesday “Social Marketing Tip”

#AdlandPro Wednesday “Social Marketing Tip”

This AdlandPro Wednesday social marketing tip…..

comes after I watched a video last evening from a person complaining about people being taught how to do social marketing in all the wrong ways and it goes back to how many ways can you spam a person, place or community.

 Link dropping is not a new strategy when it comes to getting your business known, but be aware that when it comes to social marketing the whole point of being on networks is to share what you know, talk to others and in general to join in conversations that are going on around your industry.

 #Adlandpro Social Marketing TipIf the only reason you are joining ( for example Google+ communities) is to drop your business link on that community, then let me tell you upfront..you are doing it wrong and in fact, you will be penalized either by being booted out of that community and people will drop you like a hot potato!

 A much better way of doing social marketing is to join a few groups on LinkedIn, G+ and really get involved with what is going on, engage with people on twitter or Facebook and on forums like AdlandPro my best social marketing tip is to join in the conversations and be relevant in what you are saying.

In time and it will happen in time, your business link will be seen and it will be seen with credibility and with value.

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