Advertising Quotes – David Ogilvy

Advertising Quotes – David Ogilvy

Sharing some great David Ogilvy  advertising quotes with a story for Thursday.  I hope it brings a smile to your face 🙂


The other evening while having supper with the family, the kids started singing. This is not an unusual happening by the way as in our home music is in the souls of these youngsters where suppers can become a musical affair and it can be quite an experience if you are not used to it.

Everything is fair game from the more modern style of music  to the “oldies but goodies” such as the Beatles, but the best songs they like to  sing are the different advertising jingles and it is amazing to hear them correct each other if one note is off or one word is wrong.  It can make having a conversation about world happenings more difficult, but it sure makes a meal less boring ( think ear plugs and you will gain an understanding lol)

Their singing got me thinking about advertising and it made me realize that advertising is such an important part of our lives whether it be off line via TV / newsprint or on line with classifieds, promoting what we are all doing through traffic exchanges ( had to say that Dave lol) social networking, blog posts etc. and there is no doubt we now have new terms and other things to think about such as SEO or inbound marketing as well as other important considerations, but when it comes to timeless methods of marketing and advertising, some aspects have never changed.

When you think about the popularity of advertising who is the one person you think of for making advertising come alive? Some people might think of Seth Godin ( not a bad choice) but to me it is David Ogilvy a man who  truly is considered the father of advertising and I have to tell you that after reading some of his work and understanding the core of what advertising really is and understanding the basics of marketing today, pretty much all of it  can be laid on his doorstep.

advertising genius David Ogilvy
Like many great people David Ogilvy also has created  great quotes that people use when talking about marketing or advertising, words of wisdom with  many lessons to be learned and so for this Thursday, I decided to share with you 15 of the greatest advertising quotes that Chris Houchens made into a slide share and was put together by Ginny Soskey  at Hubspot.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and below you will find links to what others have learned from the father of advertising.

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