6 Affiliate Marketing Fails

6 Affiliate Marketing Fails

To be honest I think I should have titled this post differently and made it “People keep making these mistakes in Affiliate Marketing” or “Affiliate marketing perceptions FAIL”! As you can tell I am on a bit of a rant!


Yesterday I was reading my mail from a contact  asking questions about affiliate marketing and I’m unsure if they were complaining or saying how they wanted things done. 
Basically this person said that they wanted to sell affiliate products but 

They wanted it easy to do
They wanted a replicated site
They wanted to just put some banners on the site
They didn’t want to spend any money
They wanted a set it and forget it site ( I think that what they meant was that they wanted a site where they could throw links all over the place)

oh yes one more thing

They expected to make money

My answer to all these “wants” is GET REAL!
Lets go through the list one at a time shall we?


affiliate marketing quote1 They want affiliate marketing easy to do?
Affiliate marketing is NOT easy to do, but it can be made simple with the right mindset! Like anything you have ever done in your life from riding a bicycle or learning how to swim, it takes time to learn how to do any business online and it takes finding the right people to learn from, ,it takes learning the intricacies of the different tools from keyword research, auto responders, email, social media marketing and traditional marketing and it takes the mindset of understanding that when you are affiliate marketing you are becoming your own business.

affiliate marketing fails2.They want an affiliate marketing replicated site?

Hello? How many of you have ever watched Start Trek and the one episode The trouble with Tribbles? One or two Tribbles are cute and adorable, but hundreds or thousands are a nuisance! The same goes for replicated web sites and Google agrees and considers these sites duplicates ( which they are) and you will never be seen in the search engines. Add to that some of these replicated sites have hidden links that will secretly promote their own site and guess what if you don’t have a unique site, then you cant trade links with anyone else. There are so many ways to get a free site or blog where you can be unique, add great content and create a good solid business! why would you even think about a replicated site?

affiliate marketing banner overload3.They want to put some banners on the site?

Putting appropriate banners on a site is fine, having a site full of banners or text ads is crazy! Put yourself in a persons shoes and they come to your site with the expectation to finding an answer to their problems and all they see is a site full of banners. Will they stay on that site for very long? Not only are sites full of banners very distracting but would you trust a person who is just out to get your money? When all you do is put banners on a site how do you hope to help people answer their questions?

affiliate marketing costs4.They don’t want to spend any money?

I certainly can understand the thinking behind this one! The reality is that if you are unsure if you are going to make an income and if you are on a tight budget, then spending money may the be last thing you want to do.  You will also be hearing  that you can do things for free. There are so many ways of doing things for free..free blogs, free tools, free ways to get traffic and the list goes on, so yes I guess you can do everything for free… BUT sometimes you will find spending money is required and it depends on your goals and mindset. To me affiliate marketing is about becoming your own business and you need to think like a business person to succeed. Whether it is good quality training, owning your own site or maybe even some tools that will help you, then you need to weigh the pros and cons. Don’t get me wrong, free can be good, but there will be times that you may have to spend to get more value to your “business”
affiliate marketing strategies5 They want a set it and forget it site?

What bothers me about this affiliate marketing fail are the words…forget it! If all you want to do is put up a site and forget it..trust me you won’t make a dime and I would strongly suggest that you forget about being an affiliate marketer! Affiliate marketing ( do I dare say it?) means getting the word out to others, it means learning proper techniques of sharing good information and it also means learning how not to do things like spam others or walk around like a salesman. Affiliate marketing means learning how to target your audience, learning how to use email and newsletters, it means learning how to use social media to your best advantage…Set it and forget it? You may as well walk away right now!

affiliate marketing expectaions6 They expect to make money?

After reading all the points that I have made above, making money with affiliate marketing means learning how to market, learning how to be your own business person, it means having the drive and ambition to want to help people solve their problems and being there to answer their questions. You can’t just expect to make money, you need to work and earn that money, it takes time and dedication..Affiliate marketing is a learning curve indeed!
Do you agree with me? What kinds of fails have you seen or experienced with affiliate marketing?


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