Affiliate Marketing Myths

Affiliate Marketing Myths

One Affiliate marketing myth is You Only Need One Good Affiliate Program to be Successful…really?

affiliate marketing myths
When I first came online and it seems so long ago, I thought like many people that I could just make money by becoming an affiliate marketer. Of course I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t understand any of the terminology and I got burned very badly by the darn “schemes” that I got myself into.  To make matters worse I had no understanding of what affiliate marketing was and kept being drawn to MLM style programs…how bad is that?  Affiliate marketing by the way  is not MLM ( see I did finally learn lol) but in some ways the strategies used are very similar and for those who are new to marketing, it can be hard to distinguish between the two!

It was easy to blame everyone else for my failures, after all I was told by many people ( well actually just a few people) that it would be easy to do and that I would be making a lot of money. 

Rather than this being a rant, what I want to do is tell you that the problem was ME.  I chose to leave my common sense outside the computer and believe the B.S I was being told

I think many people come online believing a lot of that B.S, in part because they are driven by the fact that because we are online, its so easy to do things, we don’t have to be that waitress with sore feet and relying on tips to bring any kind of income and we don’t have to be the laborer who risks their backs and other injuries from doing brick work, road repairs and so on. we believe the hype because we want to be like so many of those who keep saying they are making the money. Of course the reality is that even if people are making money , they still have to pay the taxes and they still have to spend time working to promote what they are doing one way or another..its all work!

When I read the Six Myths About Affiliate Marketing, I was expecting to be told how to make those mythical riches and I was kind of expecting the usual dribble about affiliate marketing, but I have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised!

One of those myths talked about is “You Only Need One Good Affiliate Program to be Successful” and I had a good laugh because I also believed that for a long time.  I figured that just like an offline job, this is all I would have to do, work the program, get people to sign up and whoo hoo everything would be wonderful.

No one ever told me that people normally sign up for free and hate upgrading.

No one told me that being an affiliate marketer means learning everything there is to know about a product and the compensation plans

No one ever told me that affiliate marketing means having a lot of complimentary programs to make any kind of a real income

No one ever told me anything about keywords, marketing strategies or anything else for that matter.

 What I was told was _ 

All you have to do is get people to sign up, we don’t care how you do it, get out there and presto it would be magic! How is that for a myth?

For a long time I fell into the biggest  myth of all and that was  ALL affiliate programs are fake and scams!  If people tried to talk to me about affiliate marketing, I would nod my head, but in my mind the people talking were nothing but scam artists and I was never going to fall for that again! Well here I am writing a post about myths and affiliate marketing and while I am still careful about affiliate marketing, the fact is that there are many good and ethical  affiliate programs that you can align with. There are many good affiliate programs that follow the rules and will do all they can to help their people do their job, with training, tools and support.  Yes there are also the scammers and those people who will try to sell you a bridge, but that happens with everything in life and there will always be people who will do evil deeds –  you don’t have to fall for it!

Don’t fall for the myths that you may hear about, check your facts, do your due diligence and learn how to affiliate market ethically and with pride!

P.S  Just for the fun of it I also thought of another few myths…how would you answer them?

1. If you put a bunch of banners and random stuff on your site you will get a lot of people attracted to you and you will sell a lot more stuff
2. Once you set up an affiliate site you can just leave it and it will make you money

P.S.S  There is one affiliate marketing program that you should check out as it has been creating a real income for many people since 1998 — this is a shameless plug for Adlandpro with the disclosure that the link is NOT an affiliate link.

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  • Good article, Diane, and very true. Affiliate marketing or any kind of marketing have a lot of similarities in the way the market it reached, but they really diverge after that. And yes, MLM is vastly different from affiliate marketing in the way the whole commission structure, organizational structure and delivery/pricing structure is designed. Affiliates make the sale and get the commission. In some, but not all cases, affiliates who signed up through their special link generate a small commission, as well, each time they make a sale. Most affiliate programs do not go any deeper than that, and are a very simple, “Make the sale-get paid” program. MLM, no matter how it is denied, puts a HUGE emphasis on recruiting, rather than on the retail sale of products or services. This is what MAKES it easily possible to be an affiliate for more than one company. In the MLM business, it requires ALL your attention on the ONE company to really be successful, and if that company suddenly fails or shuts down for any reason, all the eggs are gone at once.

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