Affiliate Marketing Reality

Affiliate Marketing Reality

An Affiliate marketing reality check is needed if you are going to get onto the path of being successful and you may not want to hear what I have to say

Affiliate marketing reality for many people Do you know the expression “A problem delayed is a problem denied”? No? Well I guess you would have had to be one of the millions of people who watched the hit TV series House. For many people it means that if you wait too long to do something,  the longer it will take to fix it! Affiliate marketing reality check!  Many affiliate marketers seem to be living by this axiom as they jump from program to program hoping to get rich and never going anywhere fast.  When you read the status that Bogdan Fiedur put on the Adlandpro wall, you get an inkling of how serious the problem is for many people

Some statistics in relation to affiliate marketers. According to Affiliate Benchmarks, over 60% of affiliates earn less than $10,000 a year. 9% earn between $10,000 and $24,999 and 17.9% didn’t know what their earnings were. “

I don’t know about you but I was a bit shocked when I read this hello? 60 % are making less than $10,000 a year?  17% (lets not forget the .9%) don’t even know what they have made? How can this be? Where are we going wrong?  Affiliate marketing reality check – we need to take a cold  hard look at affiliate marketing and start helping people who are wanting to get into this business. We need to stop sharing the fluffy feel good feeling we seem to pass on  to people when we talk about affiliate marketing.  It would seem that the fluffy approach is  that leading a lot of  down the garden path and we really need to start being real with  people. If you needing to see how serious the problem is , here is another eye-opening statistic:

“Just 23.2% of people who are affiliate marketers consider themselves to be be in a full time job! Almost 50% treat affiliate marketing as a part time job and 27% treat affiliate marketing more as a hobby.”

Affiliate marketing reality- Whether you treat affiliate marketing as a part time or full time job, its time to get serious and figure out where you are going wrong! Affiliate marketing reality - joining too many programs

Affiliate Marketing reality Check 1

____ Joining too many programs Before You Are Successful At One! What can you do? Stop! It’s easy to fall into the trap of joining this program or that program, it all seems to easy and heck its free to join so what’s the big deal? Add to that, you have all these people saying to you that you need to be in a lot of programs so that you can make those income streams come alive and making you all the money Really? When you join a multitude of programs and you have no idea what they are about I would say – STOP When you are in so many programs and you find yourself not being able to manage them than I would say – STOP When you don’t understand the program you are in then I would say this is big –STOP Learn everything you can about any program before you decide to join! Start being smart and look at what you are doing! Pick and choose affiliate programs that you really want to be aligned with and not because you want to be one of the herd.  

Affiliate Marketing Reality Check 2

____ not needing to learn anything because  everyone tells me its easy ( especially the gurus) What Can I Do To Turn This Around? Unless you are Pink Floyd and want to sing “We don’t Need No Education” , the fact is whether you are new or a seasoned affiliate marketer, you need an education! I  have seen too people be in the “Pink Floyd mindset” and learn nothing about marketing and then wonder why they are not getting anywhere. I don’t care if you get a replicated site and I don’t care if people say that all you have to do is copy and paste..the reality is marketing is still marketing! The whole point to affiliate marketing is to get your product in front of the right person at the right time. Affiliate marketing means learning new skills such as email marketing landing pages copywriting content marketing tracking Pay per Click social media marketing …etc. Part of that education is learning how to become adept with SEO and with all the information on the net, its not hard to find good material. Two resources to help you get started is The Beginners Guide to SEO via Moz Affiliate Marketing SEO via Affilorama What will you learn today? an affiliate reality is that you need to create good content

Affiliate Marketing Reality Check 3

____ I’ve been told I  don’t need to create  content What Can I Do To Turn This Around? I hate to be the one to break the bad news, but if you are not creating content..good content then How the heck are you going to get anyone to believe in you, trust you and buy from you? The best way to create content is to start a blog and talk about what you love and no I am not talking about blogging your product like an advertisement. That is NOT blogging! When you give well thought answers on social networks  about a variety of topics then you are creating content When you reply to people on your blog or their blog, you are creating content. Lets face it – content makes the world go round and when people see you  talking like a real person and they see that you care about what you are doing, then with time, you will get people wanting to know about WHY you have affiliated with that particular product.

Affiliate Marketing Check 4

Affiliate marketing reality is to learn to focus ____Lack Of FOCUS What Can I Do To Turn This Around? Without creating a focus all your marketing efforts will be all over the place and wont help your business! While it may be fun to post a facebook status that makes you laugh or write a blog post because it caught your fancy you need to deal with the reality that when you are “working” you need to align your online acitivities with your business goals. Create a marketing plan starting with answering such questions as who is your ideal client? what is your niche? use that to guide your marketing online Create a good content strategy that will meet your business goals. Be consistant! I know so many people who will talk about “working their business” for hours everyday and get nowhere! When you create a consistent plan of action with realisitc business goals, timing how you are getting the content out, talking to people at times when they are around and making sure you take some “you time”, then that focus will be much easier to reach! and my last one… people give up too easily in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing reality check 5

____Giving Up Too Easily What Can  you Do To Turn This Around? I can’t answer this one – can you?  P.S All stats were taken from “Website Magazine February 2014” If you want your own copy, click on the link 

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