Affiliate Marketing Tip – Listening

When it comes to just one affiliate marketing tip one of the best things I can suggest to you is learning how to listen to what others are saying and that requires learning about social listening.

affiliate marketing tip social listeningSocial listening is simply being aware of what is happening through various conversations in real time when people are talking about you and your affiliate product.

Many affiliate marketers, especially novice marketers are normally so busy promoting and talking to people that they forget to do this very important step. Now you will notice I have included “you” in this affiliate marketing tip and the reason for that is whether you like it or not, YOU are a brand and what you do will leave an impression in a persons mind good or bad. Personally if someone has a problem with me then I would like to know about it and correct that problem before it affects my credibility. “I” wont be making any sales if people have impressions of me that is less that I know about myself.

As I just mentioned one reason for getting those social listening skills honed ( people being disgruntled with “me” the brand) there are also other reasons why social listening is important

If there are complaints about the affiliate product that you are happily promoting, then you need to hear about it and go to the customer or person and help them. If you hear compliments about the product and about yourself, then knowing about them gives you the chance to go and say thanks and and an added bonus – what a great way to get a testimonial. There are other reasons to be listening and a few of them are:

  1.   How are people responding to what you are saying or doing?
  2. What are your competitors doing?
  3. Who are the people who are advocating for you and your affiliate product and conversely who is speaking negatively about your affiliate product and about you?

Considering how large the internet is how is it possible to keep an ear on the pulse of what is going on around you?


A good affiliate understands that tools are needed for just about everything you do and social listening is no exception.

Before telling you about the tools that I use, you will need to sit down and do some keyword research and to make this a bit easier for you here are a list of parameters you need to include


  • Your Name
  • Your twitter username
  • Your other usernames ( if they are the same as your Twitter name, then you can delete this one)
  • Your affiliate product(s)
  • Your industry
  • Your Competition
  • Your email address


  • #your affiliate product name
  • #your topics of interest
  • #your name or name of people who are your fans ( and maybe those who are not your fans)


  • your affiliate product company URL
  • your blogs
  • your social network links

This is just a general outline to start with and over time can and should be refined.

I know that many of you are on a budget ( who isn’t these days lol), so the tools that I’m showing you are free tools that are very effective for the job of social listening

Google Alerts  
Google Alerts is a free email notifications service that sends you an email when your listed names are mentioned and if you want to know some creative ways to use Google Alerts then you should take the time to read Five Creative Uses for Google Alerts via alan Henry. Now I also have to mention that for some reason I have not been fully satisfied with this service for a while, not sure what is going on, but its still a service to keep in mind.

Talkwalker Alerts
Talkwalker Alerts is free and easy alternative to Google Alerts. I discovered this service not too long ago and I have to tell you I am more than impressed with the service and I am getting a lot more information than I ever did with Google Alerts. If someone can explain this to me, I would love to know why!

How do I explain Topsy – it is a real-time search engine powered by the social web and it is brilliant in what it is doing. Not only will you find out what people are saying about you or your brand ( you), but its great for showing trending topics.

Socialmention allows you to track and measure what people are saying about you, your affiliate product across the web’s social media landscape in real time. You can explore or opt to receive social media alerts (similar to Google Alerts but for social media only.)

A free resource for brand monitoring, it taps the Web, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, and delivers easy-to-read results in one page.

One last thought about this affiliate marketing tip is start listening and really see what people are thinking and saying. Once you practice the art of listening then when you are promoting your affiliate product you will better able to gauge what your customers and fans are saying and you wont be caught off guard. 

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”
― Bernard M. Baruch



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Hi Everyone, I have many interests one of them being how to market ethically when using any form of social media. My posts on the Social Media and marketing blog talk about internet marketing, blogging, advertising with a healthy dose of inspiration.

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  • Hollywood’s stereotypical salesman was could talk as fast as a trained auctioneer, without ever coming up for air (or listening.) But you nailed it. Whether offline or on, affiliate sales or ANY kind of sales business, if you don’t listen, you’re not going to sell.
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…Ask for the Referral!My Profile

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    • I feel that for many people who are new to #affiliatemarketing and to be honest many who are more seasoned forget to listen to what people are saying about their product and even about themselves. I know that a lot of folks don’t see themselves as a brand when it comes to affiliate marketing and they are losing out on a great opportunity to finding out what people are saying.

      Using these tools and there are many other ones as well is a great opportunity to gauge your efforts and to stop problems before they get out of hand.

      we all want to be successful…listening especially social listening should be one of the very first things you consider when you are embarking on this type of career.

      Thanks for your feedback Dave and I hope you have a nice day :-)
      Diane(Blogneta) recently posted…TOP 10 INTERNET SECURITY TIPS FOR YOUMy Profile

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  • I thought listening was what we did naturally in the line of sales. Especially since we are digging into niches and affiliate products to see what the niche is saying. One of the only tools a good salesperson needs is his ears. Every thing else is 2nd to this one tool. You listen in many ways and one of the best ways is listen to what they say about you, your product, service or support you offer a prospective future customer or when you are closing the sale. Listening is the very first step in the sales process.

    I really appreciate the listening tools you provide information on. I haven’t used a couple of these. Plan to in the future for sure. Protect your Brand by over delivering the good and always ask for testimony and referrals.

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    • Hi Jim and I am up later than you tonight lol
      I like your thinking about ears being the best tool we have, unfortunately for those people who are new to affiliate marketing/marketing or advertising, they do not understand that this is something that is more important than selling, which is why I wrote this post..hoping it will help others.
      I use all the tools that I suggested and have found them to be useful in different ways, so let me know how they work for you and if you know of others, I would love to hear about them :-)
      thanks for your feedback and hope that you are doing well.
      Diane(Blogneta) recently posted…TOP 10 INTERNET SECURITY TIPS FOR YOUMy Profile

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