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When you are at home, especially when you work in the home then learning how to be more productive in affiliate marketing is an essential goal for everyone to achieve. Learning and utilizing these affiliate marketing tips 2015 edition will help you to become more successful. I specifically want to talk to you about productivity as that is an important topic to think about!

mindset infographic for affiliate marketing

Before I share any  kind of marketing  tips, I have come to realize that regardless of who you are and what you are doing, everything starts with a mind set.

In the case of affiliate marketing and something that I feel many people are still missing is the mindset of what you are doing.

Yes you can believe the hype of you not having to do anything and the typical hype of working in your pj’s etc and it sure sounds like a temptation and it surprises me that today in 2015, people still feel this is how to create an income. ( Please note I am not saying “how to make money”)

The difference in the attitude  is important as when you are creating an income you will sit tall and be organized or you can make money by doing something  once in a while things and its more a hobby than anything else.

Everyone talks about affiliate marketing tips as though it were a unique way of doing things, the end all be all and yet the reality is that if you keep the attitude of this is “how to make money” and not “how to create an income”, I am pretty darn sure you will not succeed!

To me when you are doing affiliate marketing you are indeed creating a business and that takes understanding many concepts. I have been re reading a lot of What Bogdan has been writing and at the core his thoughts are sound and proven to work.

I really do suggest you start reading or go back and realearn core concepts starting with
Can your last year’s failure be this year’s success? – Business Success blueprint

Of course you can all read a lot of the posts on this blog and they will give you some great thoughts including Dave Cottrell’s post Sorry, I Need Money

I read a statistic on Neil Patels’s blog post How to Be More Productive on Social Media

Did you know that on average, you spend 3.6 hours a day on social media sites? That’s roughly 25% of the time you’re awake.

I went aha and I bet you, most people  who are  doing internet marketing spend way more time and create a lost less income than than the average person.

( You really need to study the infographic that was created about how to be more productive on social media..its very clear, concise and practical..don’t forget now – okay?)

So what can I really say to you that will help you be more productive in affiliate marketing? Well lets find out shall we?

How about and I said this earlier, changing your mindest and think about not wearing the pj’s or drinking the pots of  coffee or getting up late etc.  –  how about we start becoming professional! yes I said professional and that is very different from the easy peasy oh lets make money as though it will fall out of the sky hype I keep reading about! ( it is so not going to happen!)

My best affiliate marketing tips ( heck any home business marketing tips) are as follows
1. Get real! You can not work at home by watching T.V, chatting with your Facebook friends or playing the latest candy crusher and still create a good business mindset! You have to learn to think in terms of your business life and your personal life. Its called balance and it takes practice.

2. A good way to create your professional life is by getting dressed and setting a set time for your business. Yep the pj’s have to go and yep the games and TV are turned OFF!. A lot of people find it a real challenge to not be distracted ( lol ya I have had issues with this one also!) There are software that are made for just this type of thing.
Here are a few productivity tools that you may find interesting and I urge you to try:


Cold Turkey ( love the name of this one lol)


Self Control for Study

I just have to share one more tool as it kind of scares me to be honest, but I will say it will help you focus on business. It’s called <gulp> SelfControl and I’m just going to show you what it says

SelfControl is a free and open-source application for Mac OS X that lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the Internet. Just set a period of time to block for, add sites to your blacklist, and click “Start.” Until that timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites–even if you restart your computer or delete the application.”


2. Create a list by employing a calendar or if you insist write a handwritten list of what you need to do everyday. I have found that by doing both I tend to get myself better organized. For the digital calendar, I still say that the Google Calendars are the best and one of the more useful features is you can share with other people if you want.
3. I know a lot of people ( myself included) make lists and then go oh now where do I start?. I have found this to be very true by the way, start with the most annoying things on your list, you may hate it , but it works . To me its like – okay lets get this done and over with and then breathe a sigh of relief lol.  I think everyone has their own way of tackling their lists and while I personally go from:
Most annoying

Things that are a deadlines ( content creation, email marketing, newsletters etc.)

Those things that are not as important and can wait for the next day

 Remember  you only have time to do so many things in a day and still have a life and family!

4. While there are many forms of marketing and even ways to market, keep an eye on how you are promoting what you do. Many people, without realizing it waste time by over promoting either in their content or on the social networks. Create a good strategy on what you are doing a, play with it to get it fine tuned  until you find a way of doing your business that will feel right for you.

a messy desk not great for affiliate marketing
I am not going to suggest that you keep your work area clean or that you stay healthy, these should be givens, while I look at my desk and groan!

5. I think that one of the best affiliate marketing tips I can give is to keep learning and and then learn some more! You can never get enough of an education in this field, for the simple reason that online marketing is evolving and changing. Do yourself a favor and find out whats happening in your industry and if you need to take a course to help you do what you want to be the best at …creating a good income!

Here are a couple of sites that offer free courses. I am sharing only those that deal with online marketing



Academic Earth

I know that many people have great information to share about affiliate marketing tips and I know that if you do a search you will find tons of information.  I just feel we need to start paying more attention on how to become more productive with our time and it is my hope that these particular tips will be of real use to you!

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to share on how you stay productive then use the form below and lets count our affiliate marketing tips for 2015  in a way that will provide real time use to others.




  • Truly, one of my biggest pet peeves over the years is those who boast about working in their pajamas, or worse, working in their underwear. There is nothing I can think of that would make most people feel more unprofessional and less like they should be working than lounging around in their pjs or skivvies…
    Dave recently posted…Selling on eBayMy Profile

  • Agreed that it’s way too easy to get distracted and pretend to yourself that you’re working when in reality you’re not.

    Keeping track of what you do can help – there’s a lot of truth in the saying “what gets measured gets done”.

    And making your affiliate marketing as much a part of your regular routine as possible is another option.

    Some neat productivity tools as well – thanks for those!
    Trevor recently posted…How to Personalise Content and Make It Your OwnMy Profile


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