Helpful Affiliate Marketing Tips

Helpful Affiliate Marketing Tips

These “helpful” Affiliate marketing tips are for those people who keep failing (and for those people who keep blaming!)

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While I have been roaming around the net reading and learning about this thing called affiliate marketing, I came across a letter to a business owner from a  dissatisfied affiliate marketer who blamed the owner for not making him any money. Of course, being the person I am, I wanted to know why.
In essence, the person went on a tirade yelling at the owner that even though he had “brought people in” (for free) that it was not his fault that these new people hadn’t bought anything. How dare the owner of the business for creating this problem.
It’s not the first time I have read this kind of reaction from people who are not making money via affiliate marketing. For some reason this particular letter got to me, possibly because of the venom in the wording and his total lack of accountability for his own actions. Did I just dare say that? Yep!
The fact is, it is fairly easy to get people to sign up for free…we all love free things. The question really becomes how to get people to sign up for free and then get them to upgrade, so that commissions can be earned.
Last June I had written about 6 affiliate marketing fails where I talked about how people kept missing the mark about affiliate marketing and as you might recalll I  ended that blog post saying:

..making money with affiliate marketing means learning how to market, learning how to be your own business person, it means having the drive and ambition to want to help people solve their problems and being there to answer their questions. You can’t just expect to make money, you need to work and earn that money, it takes time and dedication..Affiliate marketing is a learning curve indeed!

Now I know the reality is that you want to be online to make money and I know that many of you have been hoodwinked into thinking that affiliate marketing is supposed to be so easy but here is the reality check  – affiliate marketing is work but its a great job if you put your mind into it. I have noticed that while there are some awesome people working online, who are doing everything and more because they have that passion to succeed there are far too many other people who are very lackadaisical  in how they are doing things preferring the easy way out and then blaming others.
This leads me to the first reason why your affiliate marketing is failing

Affiliate Marketing tip: Attitude!

Affiliate marketing is not an easy job and I do not care what anyone one says! Not everyone has the mindset to be a marketer and there is no crime in admitting that. But.. here is a question for you. Have you ever referred a person to something – a movie you have seen, a restaurant you went to or an online tool that you use that works really well? You are, in effect, an affiliate marketer and you may never have realized it! Affiliate marketing is really just an online version of business referring!  Here is another question for you… Have you ever talked to those same people AFTER they have gone to that movie or been to that restaurant? This leads me to my second point to why people suck at affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing tip: Knowledge!
Its not just enough  for you to put up banners or create free classifieds everywhere you go, you need to talk about the product, you need to create good content about the product you need to be able to answer the overriding question of Why people should be upgrading!  To be an effective affiliate marketer, you need to understand what you are promoting and you need to be able to say WHY upgrading is important.
From my personal  experience,I love free things!  I especially love free things that are useful to me, who doesn’t? For me to upgrade on anything means I have to be given a darn good reason and unless good  reasons are given..forget it I wont pay a penny! Just as you can go to stores and be given free samples of a product, affiliate marketing should be looked at in the same way  – a chance to sample a product but always with the mind to sell that product! How is that done? By cultivating a relationship with a person!

Affiliate marketing tip: Cultivate!
Far too often, people say, “Wow I signed up 100 people to this program or that program!” They walk around like they are the Kings and Queens of Marketing, but do they build a relationship with the people who have signed up?  The fact is it’s not too hard to sign up a person to something that is free, it takes work to get people to want to upgrade to anything else! What are you doing AFTER  a person has  signed up to that “great program” or that “epic product”? Do you talk to them? Do you help them get answers to their questions? Have you given these people any reason to upgrade? If you are not there for these people, they will eventually go away never to be seen again! Learn to network with people. Let people know where they can find you easily. Use a variety of ways so that people will WANT to talk to you from –  having your own blog –  being visible on social networks –  Have your own newsletter and utilize an auto-responder to keep in touch.
There truly is no excuse for people to suck at affiliate marketing IF they will stop being lazy and get to work!
Affiliate marketing is not an easy job – it does take patience, persistence and a willingness to learn new things and utilize that knowledge!
Am I wrong?

questions about affiliate marketing

Now I have some questions for you:

1. What tips or tricks have you learned to make affiliate marketing a real success for you?
2. What are you doing to get people to upgrade on any program?
3. How do you help your sign ups to solve their problems?
4. How are you motivating yourself to be a better affiliate marketer?
5. Where do you feel you need to be trained more to be a better affiliate marketer?


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  • I really liked your blog post Diane,

    You have really thrown out some useful tips to help the “New kid on the block” But more often than not you see quite a few people becoming frustrated within there affiliate marketing due to not being able to generate the leads that need.

    Its a shame really because there are some people who are willing to help out and teach people but you also have ones that “hit and run” as I call it, this is where they prospect to the person, give them hope, assurance and the knowledge of “helping” them when they join and then they just disapear! I have has this happen to me myself.

    Awesome post! Keep up the good work!

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