Affiliate Success Formula

Affiliate Success Formula

Affiliate Success Formula Explained, even for dummies like me…

by Dave Cottrell

How many affiliate programs are you in? Are you doing anything in any of them?  What IS the affiliate success formula?  When I started out, I needed to have this explained clearly, even so a dummy like me could understand it.

There are so many opportunities out there today. However, there are only so many you can successfully work.  affiliate success formula

For example; I used to build very high quality boats. (Visit Coastal Craft to see some of them). We put a great deal of care and time into building those boats. We had to in order to build the kind of superior quality that the company is known for.

Just imagine what would have happened to the quality if we had decided to build cars, houses, wagons, kids toys, jewelry, and snowmobiles, while running a grocery store, pharmacy and a couple of hospitals…

Sounds insane, doesn’t it? Of course, none of our businesses would run very well, nor would the products we made be very good. But this is exactly what most people are doing online.

While there are a lot of over-hyped, downright terrible affiliate programs out there, there are a lot of good ones. It’s easy to get trapped into joining every potentially good business opportunity you see, but you just can’t promote them all!

Do you want to be successful? Do you want to get traffic and sell products and/or your opportunities?

You’ve got to pick a few winners and run with them, or you’re just going to get very frustrated. Believe me; I’ve been there!

Getting into an affiliate program is one of the easiest things you can do. Getting enough traffic to it to make it profitable is much more work. This is why so many people jump from one affiliate program to another, rather than sticking with one and building a team. They think that the secret to success in online marketing is just finding that one, magic program that’s going to suck in money and make them rich.

The real secret to success is picking a business or affiliate program and working it. The most important thing after choosing a legitimate and lasting affiliate program is to get enough traffic to them to make it profitable. This is work! But it works!! All these things are ingredients that should be in your online marketing system.

Start a blog that is related to what your business sells. If you don’t know enough about what you’re selling to blog about things related to it, you’d better change to something you do know about! Blogging is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

Join online communities. You’ll meet a lot of new people, some of whom have a lot of successful marketing experience already and who are glad to help new entrepeneurs get started. Don’t use communities as a place to promote your wares; you can add a signature file at the end of your posts, but communities are a place to get to know people, to learn, and to find like-minded people who want to network with you. Be patient, and you’ll be far ahead of the rest much sooner than you think!

Traffic exchanges can be a valuable and steady source of generic traffic if you use them properly. Since most of the traffic from all of the traffic exchange programs is really not well targeted to most affiliate programs, it isn’t worth your time to try to market a whole bunch of different programs. Join a few rotator programs and just promote them. You’ll save a whole bunch of time and you’ll get a lot more sign-ups.

I recommend several excellent traffic systems: Traffic Hoopla, TE Command Post and Page Swirl.  Join them, join the programs listed in them, and then use them to promote Traffic Hoopla until you have a good downline in several programs. Hint: Put these three in your Page Swirl rotator, then put the rotator in Vita Viral Pro and only advertise the Vita Viral Pro link in all the traffic exchanges. Then surf the traffic exchanges for a set time, every day, until it takes on a life of its own, which it will.

Remember: all traffic is good, but some is better. Put your greatest focus on the better. Blogging and communities have much greater potential for good, organic traffic than traffic exchanges, so put some real effort into those. Traffic exchanges will bring you a lot of traffic, if you follow the plan faithfully, so spend time on those every day.

Above all, don’t hop from program to program. Plan to stick at it and stick at the plan. This is the affiliate success formula.

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  • You made so many points on how create a successful affiliate marketing strategy, it’s a bit overwhelming lol.

    I will simply say that this is a good read for those who have not been getting anywhere with this style of marketing and I totally agree that starting a blog is incredibly important and these days its not hard to do!
    Diane ( Blogneta) recently posted…Relationship MarketingMy Profile

  • Good points David,
    I remember this saying from one of the marketers who said that he likes to shoot ducks when are in the barrel instead of being at the lake where there might be many of them but spread wide and far away.


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