Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is not social!  There I said it and I’m glad that I did!  Many people who are in social media tend to turn their noses up at banner advertising citing such things can’t engage with banners, they take up space, they are a waste of time, they are an eyesore, you cant trust them and yet they are still a valid way of advertising, they work and work well when and only when they are used properly.

To understand the problems of banner advertising, let’s look at this infographic from Prestige Marketing.


Who Looks At Banner Ads Infographic

It all sounds very disheartening and yet the fact is Banner advertising is still a proven method of advertising when you know what you are doing and do things properly, which is the reason for this post – helping you understand how to make banner advertising work for you.

Here are my thoughts on making banner advertising work for you based on my experience and knowledge over the years.

  1.  Ask yourself what you want people to take away when they see the ad. Do you want people to see your business, a give away, an event?

  2.  Keep your message simple and to the point! Emphasize one benefit and one call to action on your banner

  3.  When thinking of a banner ad, make sure that you use fonts that are legible. Think of your readers, they need to SEE easily what you are offering and you want them to do that call to action. The best fonts to use are Verdana and Arial simply because they are EASY to read.

  4.  Maybe I should have put this as number one..but as the  saying goes honesty is and always will be the best policy. Make sure that what you are offering or conveying is clear honest and dare I say ethical?

  5. Be relevant when using Pictures or images. The fact is like any other form of advertising you have maybe 2 seconds to get a persons attention – make those seconds count for you!

  6.  keep the designs simple. Adding on to number 5, when you use images or pictures in your design, if what people are seeing is so cluttered that they cant make sense out of what you are conveying, instead of a click through rate, people will walk away.

  7.  Stay away from white backgrounds. why? quite simply they blend into the page and people will not see them

  8.  Don’t be afraid to be creative and make changes when needed. While you may be very proud of what you have created,the fact is not everyone will think as you do, so test your results ( an easy and free way of doing this is using Google Analytics)  and change your text or design until you get the desired results.

To all the naysayers who say banner advertising is not social I would suggest that you look at this slideshare and maybe rethink your  position…banner advertising can be very social if one knows what to do and how to do it!


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