Blogging for the Affiliate

Blogging for the Affiliate

I get a ton of questions about how to make money in affiliate marketing. So many people are trying to make money in this lucrative industry, but are not having any success.Blogging for Affiliates

My simple answer is, you need a steady supply of good, targeted traffic, before you can sell anything.

The best way to do that for the vast majority of people is to start a blog. But a disclaimer must also be included right here: This is not the way to get instant, paying traffic. If you want to do that, you’re going to need money, and lots of it.

Nothing is really more effective for the average person to create steady, unique, search engine attractive, list building, sales pulling traffic than blogging.

But… the next thing I hear when I tell people this is, “I don’t know how to blog and I can’t write.”

My answer is that you will be very surprised and amazed by how good you are at writing (and blogging) if you want it badly enough and you’re willing to try.

Let me ask you a question. Do you ever have a conversation with someone? Unless you’re a hermit, I bet the answer is, “Yes! Of course!”

Well, if you can carry on a conversation, you can write and you can blog. Blogging is not about getting a top mark in English literature. It’s about carrying your conversation about something you’re passionate about to people with similar interests. In other words, it’s about putting in print the kind of stuff you would share with coworkers in the coffee room, or buddies at the pub, or a friend you bump into in the grocery store…

Just type it into the page exactly as you would tell a friend. A blog is not a novel (although some have turned into one!). A blog is YOU sharing YOURSELF with the rest of the world. So, be yourself.

If you’re concerned about your spelling, use a word processing program like MSOffice or something similar that has a spell checker. The reality is that most blog platforms that you use, today, have a spell checker built right in, anyway.

Use photographs and even cartoons to illustrate your blog (just don’t use copyrighted material without permission). Some have said a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s an old cliche, but it’s true and people who visit your blog will enjoy the pictures and often will share them, which helps to spread your blog.

If you like making videos, you can video blog, as well. Just follow the instructions on the blog platform you are using like Blogspot, Tumblr or WordPress for including a video, and you’re set.

A blog will not bring you instant success. It takes a while to get noticed. But you can tell your friends about it, include a link to it on the social sites you belong to and in your signature files that you use for emails, forums, etc., and your blog will gradually become known and gather a larger and larger following. If you put a subscription box on your blog, which you should, people can subscribe for future updates, and your list builds automatically.

As time goes on, and people share your blog with one another, the traffic will gradually increase. When you begin to have a steady stream of traffic, then you can begin the process of “monetizing” your blog, which is another topic, again.

Be consistent. It won’t work if you publish your blog once and forget about it. You need to be regularly publishing articles on your blog in order to get noticed and stay noticed by the search engines. This is called “work.” (Oh… no… there’s that dirty word!) Blogging can be a lot of fun, and you should enjoy what you do, but in order to be successful, you need to produce, even when you don’t feel like it.

You should not write a lot for every post, but you should write a little a lot! If you can, try for a little every day. As long as you keep the conversation interesting to you, it will be interesting to someone else, too. Above all, don’t quit. This takes real time and effort, but the end rewards are well worth it. This is how YOU can realize your dream to be a successful, work at home affiliate!


Guest article is by Dave Cottrell,  Adlandpro’s affiliate manager.  Dave has been selling online and blogging for many years.  His Tahltan name is Klagoosh.  He is an outdoorsman, writer, online marketer, preacher, grandfather and former heavy duty mechanic.

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  • I remember quite a while ago talking to a person about blogging and they kept saying that they didn’t know what to write and in fact they were “afraid” to write and while I listened to her, I remember clearly thinking what is really going on here. The conversation turned to other topics including the one she truly loved…horses and she talked and talked and talked about her “passion”. I stopped her and asked her to read what she had been saying ( this was on
    skype btw) and she said..ya so? I started laughing and just wrote a blog post all in a chat! There was a quiet time when nothing was said and she came back with..this is writing? I said yes this is indeed writing and its interesting to boot. I didn’t hear from her for a while and then out of the blue she sent me a link to her “new” blog and lo and behold she was writing about her passion and I have to say it was very very good. Instead of trying to be like everyone else and going for the get rich schemes she went a different direction and wrote to what she knew and truly enjoyed. She learned to find affiliate style products that fit with her chosen subject …horses and to this day she is doing just fine.
    We need to get away from the thinking that blogging is about promoting a should always be about promoting you and what you enjoy doing and then adding those products or services that fit with your chosen niche.
    I realize that my way of looking at blogging might be a bit different, but I will say that what I am saying will work and yes Dave it does not happen over night, it takes time and it takes learning all kinds of things, but in the end it is worth the effort.
    Diane Bjorling recently posted…Parenting Tip – What is the Secret Word?My Profile

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  • Hello David, Thank you for your contribution to my blog and an excellent article. Hope to see more coming from you on this blog. I know you from the beginning of the internet and I’m sure you have lots to share. This is perfect example of walking the talk. I can see myself how blogging helps with the business and definitely with clarifying of your own prospective on things. Sometimes one has to write something down in order to be able to see the entire picture. Writing things for others, forces you to do the research and at the same time becomes your knowledge. I have also found out that not only we need to write things down in order to be able to get handle on them but read them from time to time to remind ourselves of what we were preaching because certain tings escape from our own practice after the time if we are not actively using them.


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