Blogging Tool| Zemanta

Blogging Tool| Zemanta

How Zemanta can spice up your blog!

Zemanta - spice up your blog posts

¬†Yesterday I wrote about business blogs and why I felt they were important for anyone in business ( and yes to me when you are marketing or in affiliate marketing you are in your own business) and along with giving reasons why I felt this important, I also had referred you to the “20 ways to spicing up your business blog). The response by the way has been very positive and thanks for your feedback ūüôā

Today I was thinking about one tool that I use every time I write a post and that is Zemanta and talk about a great way to spice up your blog posts… I wonder why I had never talked about it before!

So what is Zemanta?

Zemanta  is a content and links suggestion plugin for publishers, bloggers and other content creators according to Wikepedia but to me it is much more than that!

Everyone who is creating content, understands that making your work known, relating what you say to other people, finding those appropriate references can be very time consuming. Most of the time, at least for me its not just a matter of finding content but finding the right content in context to what I am saying that is important and Zemanta is the tool of choice to accomplish my particular goals.

Zemanta can be downloaded from their site  as a plugin for:



Joomla etc.

You can get the Browser extension for:




and you can get Zemanta as an API for developers.

So what does Zemanta really do?

1. It recommends related content to what you are writing about and will show up on the sidebar as you are typing.  I have noticed that if your content is over 300 words, then you will get more accurate recommendations ( thought I would mention that)

2. Images. I know for myself finding good images to use on a blog post can get very time consuming as you are not only finding images, but ones that have the proper licences.  Zemanta has access to all kinds of news sources including social networks and stock photo providers. The images that are suggest are usually from Wikimedia commons, Flickr and other providers such as Fotolia. I find it interesting that they use Wikipedia a lot and still not sure if that is a benefit or not.

3. Copyrights.  I have to say that especially with images the dreaded getting into trouble because of not knowing if an image is allowed to be used is solved with Zemanta. They pay very close attention to making sure that the content/images is licensed as Creative Commons or approved by third parties and trust me that is a huge bonus!

To give you a better idea on what you can do with this tool, the nice folks at Zemanta have set up a demo site where you can get to see the features and what they do.

Give the Zemanta Demo a try

4. One last feature that should be mentioned is that you can set your personal preferences where you  have the option of adding up to 800 blogs that you read, which can help determine content related to what you are writing about, you can also add your own Flickr and Instagram accounts to be used as image sources, both very valuable ways to increase your authority in what you are writing and a fantastic way to share good information.

While this tool truly is useful for any blogger, it is wise to mention some of the down sides ( now isn’t that the truth to anything?)

1. No it will not automatically make you a ton of readers, sorry but you will still have to promote your posts and get the word out about what you are doing!

2. Remember how I mentioned the great feature about the¬†images¬† Well it is a great feature but there is a down side and it has to do with the loss of image search traffic. ¬†What does this mean? To put it simply when you upload an image to your server ( putting in the proper alt tag) you are getting image search traffic. When you add an image through Zemanta you won’t. Traffic comes to your blog in a variety of way..images are one of them!

All in all when I think about the days when I had to search for related content the hard way, I have to say …. thank goodness for Zemanta. It truly is a very good blogging tool…once you know how to use it!



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