Can You hear me now? A marketing strategy

Can You hear me now? A marketing strategy

The “Can you hear me now” was one of the greatest commercials from verizon that had people talking and even joking about “listening”. Many people have even written about this one commercial in terms of content creation, but for me when I see this commercial, I see the issues that business owners and affiliate marketers have and that is getting people to pay attention to their business or product.


I was talking to a good friend the other day about business strategies and he made a point that had an impact on me. What he said was “when it comes to any kind of business, if people can’t find you then you will have very little luck in getting people to buy your products.” Of course I already knew this, but for some reason the commercial for Verizon and the wording “Can you hear me now” kept going through my mind.

Whether you are a business owner or an affiliate marketer I firmly believe that you need to start understanding the concept of “Can you hear me now” or you are always going to struggle and that means a low if not a NO profit margin and that just sucks!

What are some of the issues people need to start understanding and how you can get people to say

I hear you now

1. Whether you are an owner or an affiliate marketer if you do not have a clear understanding of the product you are selling or sharing and if you can’t word in a way that is easy to understand, then it is going to be difficult to tell others about it.

2. Understand that using the concept of throwing links out all over the place and hoping someone will see and buy your products is a waste of your time and ineffective! Using the targeted approach in the long run will help meet your goals.

I know that you have all heard the expression “seek a solution to the problem” and like many of you that sounds all fine and dandy but what does that really mean?

To me, that means offering solutions to a person or another business that will satisfy their wants or needs.

To do this one needs to understand how to segment people so that you can find your customers through research and I recommend that you read these two reports to help give you a head start:

Pew Internet: Social Networking (full detail)

Social Demographics: Who’s Using Today’s Biggest Networks [INFOGRAPHIC]

Once you understand who would be looking for your product, then you need to go find these people.

On Google+ you can type in the desired “customer profile” and you will get names and communities of people who may be people looking for your solution.  Google plus is an awesome place, but warning, don’t sell there. Find people or business pages of people who share your interest and learn to engage with people.

On Facebook you can again type into the search and find people and groups who might be wanting your product. Now Facebook is a funny place and I have to be honest and say that you will have to sort through the fluff to find those people who will be seriously interested in what you are doing or offering.

On Twitter you can again type into the search and find people to follow who might be potential customers.  Once you find the people  you need to talk to them and not just send out broadcast messages.

Be aware that not everyone is going to belong to all of these social communities, so spend some time and be where your potential customers are and learn to leverage those communities.

Once you have done your research and have gathered your fans, followers etc. The next big question is – What do you say to them?

This is where you start forming a marketing plan

On social media you need to be seen!
I have noticed that on the networks that I hang out, I am known because I will talk to people about topics that “we” are interested in. If I can answer a question of giving a thoughtful reply to a person, then over time I have built an authority on who I am. As a result if I recommend something that I feel will help people then I can do so and have people say thanks.
Next you need to think about the benefits of  the product, find the people who would be interested in that product and learn how to talk to them.

Using Adlandpro as  a working example and because it has so many benefits, it is a great way to show how to put targeting all together

Adlandpro has a free classified site

Who would you target?
People looking to sell their car or house etc.
Students looking for furniture or housing
Local advertisers
Global Advertisers
How would you find these people?
Look for real estate agents
University clubs on the different networks
Where would you target these people
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+
What would you say to these people
Offer tips on how to write an ad
Tips on making classified advertising work
Banner advertising on different blogs, private communities
Adlandpro has a social network
Who would you target?
The demographics are saying that people most interested in Adlandpro  are more mature, people looking to be social and people who are wanting to share their marketing skills or business opportunities.
Where would you target?
Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn
What would you say to these people
If you are tired of the Facebook mentality and want a safe place to share and talk, then Adlandpro is a great place to be 🙂
Talk about how to be social on social networks from a first hand experience
Talk about learning how to market and how to gain marketable skills just by being social.
Talk about how you can earn credits for tangible items just for being social.
Adlandpro has a blogging community
Who would you target?
Content marketers
Where would you find these people?
Google Plus blogging communities etc.
LinkedIn blogging groups
What would you say?
A blogging community where all posts are done manually to ensure that there will be ranking for all posts
A willing community who will read and share your content
A community where good comments are given
A blogging community where you can extend your share via the resource box and social sharing buttons.
As you can see when you put your mind on thinking about who to target, where to target and what to say to people, then when you ask people ” Can you hear me now”? The Answer will be

Yes I can!

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  • This is the way to do it. You have covered the Who, What, Where and How. The only thing I would add to my campaign is the Why. Why would someone buy from or join with me, rather than someone else? What can I do better and differently that will make them choose me over someone else?

  • Thank you so much for your comments, suggestions and input. It helps me to realize not only that I am on the right path but also what I need to do. Dave Cottrell suggested Adlandpro to me and I have started using it as well. I just spent 10 days house sitting and dog sitting for my daughter and put my discipline skills to the test. I spent at least 10 hours a day researching and implementing what I learned. It is working already. I am interacting with several other authors and I have a radio interview scheduled for later this month. I have also started a network of people to relate to and have conversations with and hopefully learn from each other. My memoir is about tenacity, strength, courage and perseverance against all odds — so I better put it into practice in this venue as well. I encourage you — it will pay off. Patience is the key.

  • Great post Diane.. About ‘Can you hear me now?’ – See, how they are using their competitors negative point as their marketing strategy.. See, you face this problem.. If you use our service, you are not gonna get this problem again.. Thank you for sharing our knowledge on marketing.. Really useful article..

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