Common Sense Marketing

Is there such a thing as common sense marketing?

Have you ever wondered how many ways you can market?
There is

direct marketing
email marketing
social media marketing
network marketing
but have you ever  thought about
common sense marketing?

Well I had a chance to think about this form of marketing when I was talking to an Adlandpro member (BJ Williams)  asking for a bit of help as I was having a problem thinking of something to write about ( it happens at times)

Because I used the common sense marketing approach (unwittingly) I  had asked BJ Williams to give me some ideas to write about and then I fine tuned it to if you were wanting an answer to a marketing question what would it be?

After a few moments, BJ wrote –

“How do you convince people – without lying – that you have something that will help them? I’m hoping for common sense and dealing with the frustration with the bad programs .

When I read  this the words that caught my eye were common sense which then led me to think   about  common sense marketing – is there such a thing and how could it be utilized?

(P.S. if you want a real life view of network marketing, this is what BJ and I were doing  during this  conversation  While we didn’t plan on it we were networking using common sense! We both got something from that short conversation. Apart from a budding friendship, we also traded email addresses and the win win is that I now have a topic to write about and BJ is getting mentioned on this post!)

Many people feel that the words “online marketing success” are nothing more than a hype, a lie and how dare people raise false hopes and in many ways they would be right especially when it comes to bad programs.  There are also the good programs that when you do the work, can make you a good income..but those dang bad programs can be a real pain and has caused “marketing” “online marketing” to have a stigma and yes it sure can be frustrating

  The question of  how to convince people that you have something that will help them without lying or using nasty tricks is a question that I feel many people ask, especially those people who are wanting to be ethical and they want to learn about marketing in a way where they can look themselves in the mirror everyday.

humor of common sense marketing and what it isnt

Now I am 90% sure that many “marketers” or gurus would give you oodles of advice, some would charge you money for it and others would give their own versions of what to do and maybe they would be right, I really can’t answer that  but you wanted common sense, so here it is –

If you have to convince people of  something, then don’t do it as they really are not interested. I will also add that if you are working that hard to convince people  then you are talking to the wrong people!

Harsh words? Maybe but sometimes we need to be reminded to use our common sense when  marketing and the very first thing a marketer should be learning is how to get  to the right people who are interested in what you are selling or promoting

Say what?

Far too many people are being taught..get out there, talk to everyone, place ads  so on and so forth –  I say  PHOOEY!

To see so many people being taught to blow ads in the wind ( I was polite),  trying so hard to reach everyone possible.  working even harder  to convince people that their  product is the best thing in the universe, well it tends to get me a little bit mad ( again I am being polite) It also bothers me when these same programs  will hype a person up when people tend conferences, webinars and lets not forget the intense inspirational hours to feeling that they can do anything because they are super heroes of marketing and of course when no one buys , you will  then see those same people  slumping down in a feeling of failure.

I have nothing against inspiration and the rah rah kind of conference, but if you don’t get any real learning on how to do marketing, to me it is a total waste of time  and to might have paid for this? Yikes!

quote that applies to commonsense marketing

Lets start using some common sense in marketing and understand that you need to think about marketing not just as a business, but as a person who knows how to do things, because they make sense, because they work.

Just as many people drive cars, there are those folks who prefer sedans over trucks,sports cars over family cars and then there are those people who don’t drive at all.  Trying to convince a person who drives a sports car to buy a sedan and somehow convincing them this is what they need is not going to work and in fact you will lose every time!  My point is you need to change how you are thinking about marketing


The common sense marketing approach regarding  talking to people is  finding the right  person and then learn  what that persons likes and needs makes perfect sense. when you focus on finding the right people, you will have a much easier job of talking to them.

I can hear people say right now..O.K smarty pants how do you do find the right people?

I am only to happy to answer –

Finding the right people means understanding two basic concepts.

They are:
 knowing your product
learning how to find the people who would be interested in your niche and product

You will notice that I put as the first concept “knowing your product” The more you know your product the more you can find out who would be interested in what you are selling

Knowing your product means using the common sense approach and asking yourself questions such as:

a) The purpose of the product

b) Is it affordable

c) If you have questions who can you call on

Then you need to ask yourself 

Why should people buy from you? 

Why should they buy this particular product when there are so many similar products to what you are selling?

What makes you unique and your product enticing?

When it comes to similar products, who is buying them and why. 

When we talk about benefits, what are the real benefits without sounding self serving.

Next – How to find people 

Much has been written about finding people, targeting people and you can find that information all over the net .  For the purpose of this post about common sense marketing , you need to know who would be interested in buying your style of product and you need to think and research to get the answers

To get you started:

Write down ( after doing some research) who is likely to buy your product, are they male or female, their age and where do these people normally hang out online.

Use some kind of alerts ( Google, talkwalker) or a way to find out what is being said about your brand ( your product both good and bad) with a social mention tool

With this kind of information you can say hello, answer any blog post you find, if there are negative reviews, get in there and answer them  when you find them. Be sure to keep a note of where you found these people.

 keep up to date about your product for  a few reasons

 a)  This gives you an ideal chance to let people know of something new.

B)   Mentioning something new helps people to remember the name of the product

C) The more you know about the product the better you can answer any question that people will have.

Another point to think about is where your ideal customer lives and that will help you to decide if you want to sell in your own country,globally or locally.

One last point that talks about convincing people. People are going to buy from those who are trusted, who have experience with the product.  You need proof to share with people and sometimes that can be problematic if you have never used the product yourself , people will ask -why not? Many people try to satisfy the proof that a product works through showing pay stubs, Pay Pal balances and I guess that is a kind of proof ( the fact that people can make these things up is totally beside the point) – they have proof and that is that!

A great  common sense approach to  convincing  talking to people using  proof is through a friend of mine 

I have a good friend who lives down the street from me and she got involved in hula hooping and loves it. She can make her own hoola hoops and she is getting healthier because of this form of exercise. Where she goes to  do  hula hoop has an affiliate program where you sell memberships and she thought why not  give it a try will give it a go.  I find it delightful that she is making extra money and yet she has  no marketing skills to speak. Why is she successful –  Because she is real, she has proof that this exercise works for her via videos, sharing the success of others, talking to people inviting them to try to see if they like it and not bothering to even talk to those she knows wont’t do it and one last thing..she only sells locally.   When I talked to her about what she was doing, I “pouted “because she had not asked me..her answer was..Diane, I know you wont’ do it because of your back. Common sense in action!

humorous Dilbert cartoon can it relate to common sense marketing

Common sense marketing is all about results, understanding that the flashy things are not as important as what works, understanding the different concepts of marketing.  For example many people are told that the need to use repetition is important if you want people to know your brand (product)

Let me digress for a moment

Have you ever noticed that people tend to follow the majority when it comes to trends fashions or other things and funny enough, people have this wonderful tendency to  go with what the majority are talking about when they are uncertain of a story.  Case in point, I just read that Facebook is going to tag satirical articles because too many people believe these articles are true. A proven fact is that the more people hear something the more people will believe it… because a good friend told them.

Got to love Repetition!

How can you use repetition to your advantage?

 Many people firmly believe the repetition in marketing is saying the same thing over and over again, saying the same words, advertising the same way and that is the only way to be  repetitive…wrong!
Repetition is not about using the same words and same images, that is boring and people will get ad blindness.  Instead, think of repetition in terms of taking an idea and using it in different contexts. How you can use this product to relate to different ideas…now that is repetition that makes sense.

While there may be those who think that common sense marketing is limiting to what a person does, I will say that using this form of marketing can be used in life, in email marketing, direct marketing or any other kind of marketing

Common sense marketing is simply  creating a good plan, to take action, adapt your plan when needed and really thinking of your customer.  That means not just giving information but also letting people know they have a choice and they have a way out if they don’t want your product or service. 
Even though a company or affiliate program will have this important information in their terms of service, it makes a big difference when you give people a choice..freedom of choice. When you do that, think about how you would feel? I know it would set my mind at ease and I wouldn’t feel so pressured. That gives me a real chance to listen to what you are saying and I will make a better decision.

I like common sense marketing, it’s a breath of fresh air, it’s real, its honest and it’s much more productive  than  the hyping or lying people have been told to do.

As for the bad programs..they have always been around one way or another and while we can educate people, we cant stop people from being foolish. ( maybe say that to your customer and see what they say)

I hope that I have answered your question BJ, I know that other people will have their own opinions and there may be people who don’t agree with me..that’s O.K. , if you don’t agree with my thoughts or you don’t agree with the idea of common sense marketing, leave your comment on the form below and lets have a good conversation



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  • I concur with this wholeheartedly, very insightful Diane. As far as the questions, “Knowing your product means using the common sense approach and asking yourself questions such as…”: I can answer them easily. It should also be said that the technical approach needs to be Plan B for those that use that tactic to oppose or contradict the common sense strategy.

  • Wow – That was great, Diane. Thank you. You answered my questions, and more.

    As I read, I was imagining how to use your expertise to enhance several of my projects. Finding the right people and effective repetition are great points on which I will spend more effort.

    Unfortunately, some people will believe just about anything. If the message is personalized – say, with their first names, some people do not realize that someone pushed a button to spit out an identical message to thousands of strangers, all also addressed by their first names.

    I have been long been curious about the success of the programs that promise folks that, in 30 days or in a year they will be millionaires. I wonder how many people spend $50, believing that they actually will have earned $10,000 to $50,000 within a month. I stay clear of such ads.

    Again, great job, Diane. Why am I not surprised? 🙂

    • I am really glad to have been able to answer your question BJ as it also gave me a way to talk about how I feel about marketing and talking to people.
      It really does frustrate me to no end when I hear of people who have been to conference calls and how good they feel, yet when you ask them, what did you learn, they always say, we were told to never give up…bla bla bla..that to me is a waste of time…teach the skills that are needed people to learn how to do things!
      Lets take an example..I had talked about repetition not being saying the same thing over and you know how to do this ..really?
      An exercise I was taught and will share with you is to take one of the writings that you have been told to tell people and rewrite it in as many ways as possible… rewrite the title according to your audience and then find out the best times to share with those people. Make that writing in different suit all the different networks and lastly how many articles can you create talking about your product that will be unique and still show benefits and maybe even the down sides..because reality is that everything has a down side

      lol.. have fun BJ
      Diane(Blogneta recently posted…Four Tips for Making Money Online FROM Home!My Profile

  • this is the best post i have read you hit the nail on the head. For years i have told people the same thing but people always want to do it their way and do not get anywhere and then wonder what happened. Great post

  • Diane, I think you have outdone yourself on this one! Very well done, indeed. One can see that you are passionate about this topic, and it is a very fine read, indeed. I was reminded as I read of those of the religious persuasion who are often accused of ramming their beliefs down people’s throats. How similar marketing is to religion!!
    I have discovered over the years something that agrees very well with what you have written: You cannot make anyone, including a very small child or a weak elderly person, do anything they do not want to do. I challenge anyone to do that, in fact! Instead, they must come to the conclusion in their own minds that it IS what they want, and then, as Chuck so aptly put it, “the sale is anti-climactic.”
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…Are You Pinging?My Profile

    • A great analogy Dave and one that is very fitting.
      I have always found it funny ( in a sad way) that if these new people were to pull the stunts that “marketers of old did oops I mean now , they would be called out very fast, they would be told to stop the B.S. and just tell it straight …when you do that, you will be a lot more respected and people will trust what you say…its so simple, what do we always make things so complex and difficult..
      I think that actually made sense lol…time for coffee
      Diane(Blogneta recently posted…Four Tips for Making Money Online FROM Home!My Profile

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