Content Curation Pros and Cons

Content Curation Pros and Cons

Content curation the Pros and cons and why should you care!


I have always been fascinated with the idea of content curation because it is the most powerful way of sharing something of value to people, by sharing what others have done. It’s like sharing a review of the last episode of Breaking Bad that a person did on a blog or even a tweet and then adding my own thoughts about that last episode and thereby creating a conversation. That is curating and it is what is the lifeblood of social media!

Like anything there are always the pros and cons to anything you will do and content curation is no different.

content curation pros and cons

Some of the pros are

You will build trust and provide value when you are sharing quality content. How many times has someone shared something with you that you never saw before or heard of before and it made a real difference to you either as a person or as part of a business. That is the power of curation.

When you curate good content and you add a value added commentary to that content, then Google will give you a huge pat on the back. Now more than ever since the Google Hummingbird update providing good quality content that will provide information that targets your specific audience is going to be very important and content curation certainly has a good place for that strategy.

 Now lets talk about the cons of content curation and these are serious considerations.

If all you ever do is curate content then you will never ever demonstrate your own knowledge or experience and then if you are “showcasing” someone else then you might just be promoting your own competition ( not a great thought is it?).

(Just a side note, curating content requires thought and adding your own thought to what you are sharing. If all you are doing is sharing links with a title, then that is aggregating content and is not to be confused with curation.)

Now that I have given you my thoughts on content curation and believe me when I say there are many experts who are talking about this topic, my concusions when I read over my own pros and cons to content curation is to find a balance in what you are doing. I am always going to want to read original thoughts, but when I read a well done curated content that will help me find answers or help me learn something new, I see no problem with content curation. Like anything you have to make your own judgement on how you want to proceeed.

If you decide that you want to curate content there are many tools to help with this task…in fact there are so many that they could fill a book!

Here are just a few content curation tools for you to explore An easy tool to use, just create a topic and start curating stories, photos or videos from around the net. Always put in a good commentary as to why you “scooped” your content to add value to what you are sharing

Pinterest Yep, Pinterest is a fantastic content curation service because it allows to tell a story with pictures. Again the key is using good wording to go with the images being shared and dont forget to add relevent hashtags

BagTheWeb For any topic, create a “bag” to collect, publish, and share any content from the Web. Create visually compelling clips and quotes
that are easily embedded—just like video.

…and if you really need a huge list of content curation tools then feast your eyes on The Ultimate List of Content Curation tools and Platforms

Now its your turn what pros or cons would you add  using or not using  content creation?


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