Create A strong password -Tips and Tricks

Create A strong password -Tips and Tricks

There are many ways to create a strong password and there are many ways you shouldn’t!

These days we are not safe online as hackers/bots are finding it easier to get into our accounts and steal from us something important – our privacy!

What used to take months or years for these hackers to learn how to break into any account, now it takes only hours.

For example did you know that “the average Web user maintains 25 separate accounts but uses just 6.5 passwords to protect them”? To me that is scary and what is so sad is that people do not seem to get it and learn how to protect themselves.

we have become complacent with being online and today I felt it a good idea to go through some of the tips and tricks that the experts are using.

I would like to go through some of the things you should never to create a strong password. Even though you may already know about them, it never hurts to go through them again.

do you have a strong password?

Don’t Do these things

a) Did  you know that on every browser there is an option to remember passwords?  Please don’t use it –  Why?  If your laptop, tablet, phone or computer is stolen, then you have invited the thief into your most private sanctuary.

b) A while back I did a post on the Adlandpro blogging community on how to speak leet ( l33speak) . While it may be fun to speak leet, any hacker or bot will break that kind of code in a matter of minutes.

c) Never share your passwords with others unless you can really trust them. If you have kids never give out your passwords to them as they may forget to stay safe. If you need to log them in someplace, sure it takes a few minutes out of your day, but that time will be worth it in the end

d) Do not use your username, birthday, license plate numbers, home address, family names and for goodness sake do not use generic words like…password or sequential numbers like 1-2-3-4.

e) Don’t be manipulated by people on the phone. An example would be the attacker phoning you and saying something like ” Hi I am from Windows security and we are doing a security test and we need your password to run this test”. The fact is, any reputable company or business will never ask for your password!

Now its time to look at the proper way to create a strong password and I hope you will add on to this list when you comment in the form below

Things to do to create a strong password

1.Create an acronym from an easy piece of information, something that is memorable to you and not others and do this


I was 18 when I went to Woodstock


if you need another example

I never drank coffee until I was 16


Be aware though that if these are common  things known about you a hacker might be able to guess or figure out the password. 

2. I have heard of people doing a thing where they combine two words and combine the letters and then doubling it without a space


Pooka and Buddy turns into


3. As you are aware, you should never use the same password on all your accounts. Sure that is frustrating but its wise to be safe than sorry.
What you can do to make things a bit easier for you is to take that password number one or two and just for the heck of it lets take number

2.  We can then change it so that there are capital letters every other letter 
so pbouodkdaypbouodkday
changes to:

 then we can add our sites to the password
so for Facebook we could
for YouTube
for Adlandpro
and do the same kind of thing to all of your accounts.

The only time I will say do not use this idea is when you are online banking and then you should always make a unique password.

4. While there are sites that limit the types of symbols you can use, most do allow a wide range of symbols you can use, so why not add in emoticons..

An example and using the idea from number one


see what I mean?

5. If you are not wanting to go through all the work of creating a password, then you can use a password generator such as

These generators have been tested and are reputed to be very good and anything they create or generate is very hard to hack.

6. You can also get a password manager to help you remember all those passwords you have.
I know that some people have issues with them, but they are still a very good way to keep your passwords safe.
Some management systems to think about are




Check them out to see if they would work for you

7. I remember Dave Cottrell mentioning an idea  when in a public place where there is free wifi to type your  passwords on notepad.   When you want to go to a site and log in then copy and paste the passwords onto the forms. This will make any password you use hard to see when someone is nearby and people will not see you typing anything in…Brilliant!

Remember that to create a strong password will also mean changing your passwords frequently. No it’s not fun, but always wise to do.

As you can see creating a strong password is a challenge, but I hope that these tips and tricks will be ones that will help you not be hacked by the hackers.

If you know of other tips and tricks to create a strong password, I would love to hear about it



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