Creating Banners for Free

Creating Banners for Free

Creating Banners doesn’t have to be complicated when using the right tools.

While I was researching about creating  banners, I wondered about the history of the banner and who started to use them off line and online.  Banners have had an interesting history especially off line!

One of the interesting facts I found out was that

“As long ago as 1300 BC Moses led his people to the Promised Land carrying banners to keep them in order. Some were reputedly made of highly adorned fabrics while others were simple poles topped with ornamentation. Religious banners are still very much in evidence today and are often used in the modern church as a form of decoration.” source
What were you doing on October 1994?   I can tell you that  Joe McCambley was using computers and is responsible for the invention of the first banner ad that you see below.

First banner ad created in 1994

If you have never seen him, well here is is and if you want to follow him  here is his twitter handle.. jmccambley1

When creating banners look to Joe McCambley f

While many people hate banner ads, the reality is that banner ads revolutionized advertising.  After that first ad being created and people got used to them, the smart marketer jumped on the bandwagon to create banners  because it was the first time the marketer could know how many people saw and ad and clicked on it.

These days banner advertising is not as popular as it once was, but it is still a valid way for any marketer to use, when done judiciously.

Before I share with you 6 free  tools to create banners  I would like to point out that  banners are still very useful . Even though “banner advertising” is not as popular, when you consider how all the social networks are talking about the best sizes for headers or back grounds and considering how we are being encouraged to promote ourselves,  then to me  banner ads can be useful  in many ways –  when you consider yourself as the product.

Here are some good places to create your own banners, some will be easier to use than others, so do your homework and if one does not work for you in terms of usage, don’t give up ..try another one

6 Tools  for Creating Banners – For Free

1. Webbanner24

creating banners with WebBanner24
– webanner 24 is a dynamic way of creating banners which has great options. The banners can be created in different sizes, which is useful for a blog or website. Oh I forgot to add that they have great designs and some cool animation options that you might be interested in

2.  Bannersketch

Creating banners with BannerSketch

-A free online banner maker tool that is easy to use. Start by selecting the dimension of your banners and replace the text with your own wording. This service has easy to follow steps and they have a wide variety of 1,300 templates

create banners with HTML5 maker

3. HTML5 Maker
HTML5 Maker is an online service/tool for creating banners that are animated and have interactive content. It’s very easy to use and at the same time it can help you achieving extremely good results. While HTMl5Maker is a subscription service they do have a free of charge option. In fact you can just create a banner on the home page.


4.  BannerCreator.NU

Banner Creator has a lot of features and as they say on the site “Our mission is to help you create a simple, fancy and effective banner. The banners have a small file size as required by banner exchanges, toplists and several advertising networks”

Creating banners that look awesome and a BannerCreator is free
5. fotor Banner Maker

I discovered the fotor image editor a few months ago and have it on Facebook for ease of finding. When I discovered that they now have a Banner Maker ( in Beta), I was pretty excicted. As a tool for creating banners it’s easy to get started start with the dimensions..enter your text, images ( hint logos) and its done!

Fotor is a great tool for creating banners
As you can see there are some great choices to use if you want to get started on creating banners. This is just a small sampling of  the  banner making tools that are free and there are the ones that you have to pay for.

It is my hope that this post has been useful to you and if you want, I hope you will share with your friends and neighbors on social networks, email and all the other cool ways you talk to  folks.


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  • It’s nice to see someone else giving a vote of confidence for the much maligned banner ad!
    The loudest naysayers, if one would check closely, are the ones selling the latest and greatest “sure fire instant riches” advertising tools.
    The reality is that banner advertising is very close to the cheapest, laser targeted advertising anyone can ever use.
    Dave Cottrell recently posted…Colours of LifeMy Profile

  • Hi Dave
    I think like anything, there is a time and place for everything. The fact is ..banner advertising has been misused by many and there many people who are asking the same people even click on them anymore.? I can’t answer that question, wish I could 🙂
    I find it funny that a new term for marketing has come to town and its called – Display Advertising.
    Now what is display advertising you ask? Display Advertising usually refers to the banners, images and text ads that appear on web sites. now isn’t that something?
    I have also noticed that when people are talking about social networks..guess what word is used for creating a good and strong profiles…yep, banners!
    I would caution people to not go crazy with banner advertising as there are many ways to get the word out, but yes Banner advertising does have its place.

    Thanks for the feedback Dave 🙂
    Diane (Blogneta) recently posted…Affiliate Marketing – Is It Right For You?My Profile

  • Hi Chuck and really great to see you again 🙂

    I totally agree with you that the way banners were used is a big factor to people not “liking them”. I would also add that people started to become very wary of these kinds of ads as there were those who would use it for scams.
    The internet is littered with oodles of banners..but I still say that if used properly and as you stated judiciously,then banners can be very productive and useful

    Thanks for the feedback and I hope that I answered your question
    Diane (Blogneta) recently posted…Affiliate Marketing – Is It Right For You?My Profile


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