Creating Your Own Email signature

Creating Your Own Email signature

When was the last time you thought about creating your own email signature?

Among the many ways you can promote and brand yourself on line  is a very simple idea – your email signature.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with email signatures, they are the block of information that is automatically added to the bottom of every email you send.

You might have already seen signatures from other marketers, bloggers, social media people you follow with different information such as having links to their “sites”, some will have images and social buttons and other people like to have fun and add quotes, jokes etc.

You will also see signatures that are very minimalist usually from offline companies where you will see a person’s name,job title, company address and phone number.

The reason for creating the email signature is to provide additional information for any marketing message you send to clients, and social contacts.
I think that many people will agree that having your own email signature coming from your blog or website email address is going to create the best impression that you are serious about your business. It will foster trust in those you are in contact with.


What if you don’t have your own website? Hopefully you will one day, but until that time you can use a free email such as gmail. I suggest gmail over hotmail and yahoo, because it has a better reputation and to be honest, I like gmail!

 Email Signature Gmail Tip 

What if you don’t want to give up your Gmail but you also recognize that you need to have a more professional image when it comes to dealing with contacts? The solution is very simple,log into your marketing/business Gmail account, click on the gear icon to the right to access your Settings, then click on Accounts and Import. From there, you can actually set up your Gmail account to be able to send and receive messages from one or more other email addresses.

Did you notice the wording “your marketing/business Gmail account”?
You should create two gmail accounts, just like when you create two Facebook accounts.
Your one account will be for family and friends and the other will be your business email/FB account.
Many people will question such thins as “When creating your email signature how long should it be”?

The ideal length should be 3-4 lines in length and each line should be around 72-80 characters ( thinking of mobile which usually has a limited display)
If you want you can also condense the lines by separating information using pipes (|).

 There have also been people asking about Mobile and  wondering why that is important when creating your own email signature.
We live in a world where more and more people are reading their email from their smartphones and with the screens being smaller and having a limited display, you need to put thought into the email  signature so that it will be seen properly.

Here is a mobile tip regarding smart phones etc.

While this is not strictly a tip about creating your own email signature,  it does talk about creating a signature when you are using your smart phone, iPad or even tablet.

When you send  (receive) mail  or social messages using  a mobile phone, tablet etc.  have you ever noticed what it says?

Here is an example of one – Do you see at the very bottom “Sent from my iPad”?
email signatures for mobile

While many of you may not think to much about this default signature maybe you need to have a second look!
Have you considered that you are wasting valuable real estate?

All of these companies are smart enough to  realize that by putting in “sent from my [anything] they are advertising themselves – talk about free advertising them and we rarely think about it!

Maybe its about time that you took advantage of that free advertising  and create a branding to YOU!

On virtually all phones and tablets you can change how the auto  message setting is seen!

Generally speaking  you  would open the phone’ s default email application. On Android it is called “Email”.  Bring up the menu and select options or settings. One option will be  email signature/auto signature. Select that and that is where the message is coming from. Delete what is there and change to your own branding. 

If you have problems finding where the auto message is located on your devise, I suggest that you read your manual or do a search on Google, trust me it’s worth the effort. One last suggestion regarding the auto message, keep it short  and start out with ( here are a few examples)

Sent from “Daves Wire Creations” ( I just had to use Dave Rowland as an example lol)

Sent from my business at [what is your business name?)

Sent from  Twitter name|@blogneta


Creating your own email Signature – Free Applications.

Now that you hopefully have a better understanding as to why you should be using a signature, how do you create one?

I have given you a priceless tip for your smart phone or tablet, but what about your Email?

Thankfully there are some options that you can use to help create good signatures.
Before going to the different applications that you can use, it would be very remiss of me to not mention Mike “Alltons post on Creating a rich email signature. Yes it may be a bit complicated, but I have to say that the way it looks, its professional and gives the information that he is wanting to share to those he is emailing – Good job!


Wisestamp logo for creating email signatures
1. I think just about everyone has heard of WiseStamp, a company that was founded in 2009 and is described by the founders as

“a web browser extension which supports Firefox, Google Chrome and RockMelt web browsers that enables users to transform their emails into powerful self expression and promotional tool”

Now that you have heard the official description, here is my description 🙂
Wisestamp is an awesome way to  when creating  your own email signature. This a form of free advertising  where you can promote anything from eBay to your Adlandpro link.  If you are a blogger you can create a way for people to see your latest post and lets not forget that you can add cute images,social media icons, quotes and facts of the day as you want.
You can create two kinds of signatures, one for your business email and the other for your personal email and it is just a lot of fun to use.
This is a free service but they do have an option to upgrade and they also have their own affiliate program that you might want to look at ( Disclosure: I am not an affiliate of Wisestamp)
A word of warning – some spam filters will see Wisestamp and flag the mail as just keep a look out for this issue.
2. DigiTech Branding


Creating your own email signatures using digitech is a good ideaI came across DigiTech branding by mistake and I’m so glad that I did! Normally when you are attempting to find out about a company or service, you will get pages upon pages of details – not with this company, they’re “about us” simply says
“We’re from the Midwest. We work hard, talk straight and deliver as promised. We’ve done it for 37 years.”

Now that is what I would call short, sweet and to the point.
While the description they give of themselves is very simple, the service is anything but simple.  I am very impressed with the ease of creating an email signature s well as the variety of signatures that you can create .To give you a small example of what can be created, here is one I did in less than 5 minutes, just to see how it would look . Kudos to a company doing a great job!

creating your email signatures


At you can build a free website and you can create your own email signature is a “leading cloud-based web development platform” and you can create free websites. The reason I am mentioning this company is that you can also create your own email signature. The link above goes right to the generator.  An interesting difference for this particular application is that you can get the source code, which can come in quite handy for some people.  As you can see from the signature that I created there is the issue of the  graphic at the top.  You are not able to add any images, the sharing icons cant be changed.  I could see this being used, but compared to the other  signature makers, I have to say it’s not the best one and I would hope that they will make their service a bit more flexible.

Diane (Blogneta) / Front End Developer
(305) 999-9999/ 

My Awesome company Office: (786) 999-9999 / Fax: (786) 999-9999 


this email is for sharing and caring

Well as you can see there is a lot to think about when creating your own email signature.  Do you have a favorite application that you use? What tips would you give to other people?

Thanks for reading about email signatures and if you know of anyone who would find this article useful, then use the sharing buttons under this post.

Lets talk about it!

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