Creating Traffic via Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

Creating Traffic via Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

 Creating traffic using Social Media?

~guest post by Diane Bjorling


Tips to creating traffic for affiliate marketers using social media

Bogdan had done a post last week where he had asked a simple question “What is your biggest affiliate marketing challenge right now? ” and the response was overwhelming and what everyone said had an impact on me… big time!

The one topic people  mentioned was do I get traffic to my site? How do I get make a sale?

So lets talk about traffic, but before I do, I wanted to show you something that I read….

“When I first started out in this business, we built sites around affiliate programs. What that means is that we heard the blue widget affiliate program was successful for friends, so we went and registered and put up a site that talked about blue widgets and sent people to The whole point of the site was to be a sales vehicle for”

This is part of an article written by Rae Hoffman back in 2007 where she talks about surviving the affiliate revolution and one of the big reasons that I was wide eyed was because many people are still thinking affiliate marketing in the same way today.

The reality is that the evolution that Rae talked about has gone even further with the advent of social media marketing. The reality is that for affiliate marketers to succeed they need to change their mind set and stop thinking of the sales engine and start learning the relationship engine.

Creating Traffic!

While traditional marketing is always going to be important and advertising is going to be required, the type of traffic that I would like to talk about ( its something I am more knowledgeable on to be honest) is the driving of the relationship engine via social media marketing.

For those of you who are still confused by social media marketing, the most simple way to explain it is to say that #SMM is a form of internet marketing that uses and utilizes social networking sites as a marketing tool. To break that down in easy to understand wording, when you use social media marketing properly it can generate a HUGE amount of traffic to your site ( I am going to assume that you have a site).

While I could talk about how social media marketing is a great way to help people through information, build brand awareness, earn trust and even build a following the one major reason for affiliate marketers to start embracing #SMM and the relationship engine is.. you can turn those followers into blog or website visitors and then those website visitors turn into customers!

The expression “give and you shall receive” is the mantra to social media marketing and as an affiliate marketer your job is to focus on how your product or service will benefit your audience and should never be about how this will benefit you.

While some people may only do social media marketing one way, the most effective way to gain traffic is:

  1. Social networking ( G+,Twitter,Facebook, Youtube,LinkedIn, Adlandpro)
  2. Blogging( going to groan if you don’t have some kind of blog)
  3.  Content marketing ( yikes another one of those terms that will drive you up the wall) O.K to put it simply content marketing is sharing with people something they want, such as information or entertainment. Personally I think this post is an example of information and hopefully providing some kind of entertainment lol.

An older video, but it sure gives you a good idea about how content marketing is important.

What other ways can you create traffic using social media marketing?


Tell your story
Obviously creating the most awesome epic content is important, but lets face it there are some pretty high ranking sites out there and the competition is fierce! How about we change that mind set to you creating content that is going to be of value and quality. Make sure you have really good graphics that will support your posts. Learn to write better, create blog post titles that are clear, offer benefits and you will get noticed and be credible using real data, social proof as examples.

Oh no I have written a blog post now what do I do?

The one thing about social media and there’s no denying it – promoting your blog will help create traffic! Instead of making this post boring, I would like you to take the time to read what Mike Alton does after he writes a post. The idea is to spark a momentum and lets face its kind of cool to see your work being retweeted and shared.

How about using

Huh? Well I just happen to know that one of the fastest ways to get backlinks and traffic to your latest post ( um you do have a blog right?) is to use , you will see a link at the top of each page that allows you to submit a suggested link. Now how long do you think it would take to suggest your link? 5 seconds, maybe 12 seconds?

How many ways to Stumble
Not everyone talks about StumbleUpon, but it is still an awesome way to create traffic and one that you should look at. Eddie Gear recently wrote the 6 Steps To StumbleUpon Traffic Generation Domination that you might want to read, because he explains what he does very well.

 Let me ask you a Question?

Dave Cottrell did a cool post with an unusual title: Those Pesky Surveys and yes Dave I agree that sometimes they sure can seem pesky, but the fact is using polls or surveys are a fantastic way to create traffic not to mention you can get valuable insights from your visitors. There are so many ways to use this  “tool” from being put on a blog, a forum, emails and I have seen them used as a way to gain new subscribers. You can make them serious or you can make up fun polls and surveys, whatever works for you and your readers.


When you have a moment can you do some “pesky” surveys that Dave has up ( it would be very helpful to you and AdlandPro )  thanks a bunch 🙂
The Social Network Survey – provides insight into the types of things that people are looking for on social networks
The Adlandpro Website Survey – will show what Adlandpro is doing right with the website and what the members would like to see changed or imporved.
The Adlandpro Slogan Poll  – many people remember a company for many years, even long after they last dealt with the company, by their slogan. This poll offers several choices of slogans, plus a way to suggest a new one.
The Adlandpro Affiliate Target Market Analysis – will provide valuable information to help improve, upgrade, update and increase the profitability of the Adlandpro Affiliate program for affiliates.
Sometimes creating traffic is as simple as engaging ( buzz word) ..talking to people on the different networks you are in, commenting on blogs and building those relationships that will have a lasting value, but it all takes time and it does take effort.  While this list of creating traffic via social media is by no means extensive,  these ideas will work and work very well, if you take the time to do them.
Any Questions?

(I hope that this post has given you a few ideas about creating traffic, if you feel this would be of use to your friends or contacts, please share and come on back and lets talk)


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