The Credit Reward Program begins February First!

Introducing the Adlandpro Blogging community credit reward program.

earning credits on the Adlandpro blogging community


The Adlandpro blogging community Credit reward program has been created to encourage new as well as seasoned bloggers to create content to help brand themselves.
As we all know creating content that is unique and original takes time and effort and it can be a let down when no one reads what you have to say. 
Our system encourages people not only to write but to reward readers for visiting and building a relationship with you the author via thoughtful comments in a way that will build your own special “brand – your own “community” on your blog posts.
Through the ABC credit reward program, both you as an author as well as your readers will gain points that can be exchanged for advertising or prizes which can lead to people buying into your business or evangelize on your behalf.
As with any reward system, a lot of thought has been put into creating a credit system that will reward people in the most fair balanced manner.
The reward system has been broken down into to parts, one for the authors and one for the commenters.
Adlandpro Blogging community authors earn credits
Blog Authors
The Adlandpro blogging community guidelines will be used to judge how many points can author can earn with the following provisions
Blog content that is syndicated or reblogged  will earn  5 credits
Blog content that is original content will earn                 20 credits
All blog content will be manually checked to be sure that all guidelines are met and only blog posts that are published will be rewarded. Please be sure to read the Adlandpro Blogging Guidelines to gain a good understanding of what is accepted on the Adlandpro blogging community.
Authors may post only one article in a 24 hour period.
We also want to reward blog authors who bring visitors to their blog post
When a person comes onto to their blog post and likes/stars their blog post, they will be rewarded one credit.
* Only unique Ips will be used to credit the author for bringing people to their blog post.
* Blog authors are expected to fill out their profile so that people can get to know the authors through their short biography and social networks.
Adlandpro blogging community earn with commentsBlog Commenters
The Adlandpro blogging community is firmly committed to encouraging and rewarding those people who create “user” comments. The goal of the Adlandpro blogging community is to maintain an atmosphere of comments where people can express their opinion, but we also know that some comments can become negative opinions that could lead to sniping, personal attacks and spam. If these comments are seen, they will be removed.
For a person to rewarded for commenting we have created this guide
Comments will be rewarded if:
– they are on topic and talk “to” the topic of the blog
– they are positive/constructive in manner (* they may not like a topic but are not insulting)
Spam comments will be disallowed. Spam comments are defined as random comments that have no relevant content, or comments such as  “nice blog”  “cool blog” or any other one or two word comments.
Even though we do our best to set the filters to stop spam, if we see comments that contain advertising or comments made by people who misidentify or misrepresent themselves, these comments will be removed and no credits will be given.
Comments are worth 3 credits and will be rewarded for one comment per blog post.  If a second comment is made on a same blog post as a result of engaging with others, then 1 credit will be given to every comment made after the original comment. 
If a blog author posts comments on other blog posts then their comments will be rewarded.  Comments made on their on blog posts will not be counted.
*Blog commenters are expected to register with Adlandpro and fill in a proper profile on the Adlandpro blogging community.
On the last day of every calander month the blog reward credits will be added to the Adlandpro credit builder and if you wish to see how many credits you have earned, you will see on the Credit link a new icon, where you can keep track of your points
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We believe that the credit reward system for the blogging community in conjunction with the credit builder contest on Adlandpro will provide a better sense of community, it will help foster engagement for bloggers and  it will help you talk to people when you are an affiliate of Adlandpro.  Remember when people sign up to Adlandpro and upgrade, we are all winners.
A question we have been asking ourselves is how to reward all the blog authors who have been creating awesome content prior to February 1st and after a lot of consideration and putting our heads together, we finally have come up with a plan.
We are going through all the past blog posts ( prior February 1st) and rewarding the blogs with a one time 2 credits  for the creation of blog posts and adding in comments at 1 credit per comment.  The same rule will apply to authors not being credited for commenting on their own post.
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