Disrupting your online advertising for moment|PowerInbox

Disrupting your online advertising for moment|PowerInbox

I realize that you are all very busy with your online advertising but I wanted to let you know about…


PowerInbox is one of those tools that everyone should be looking at when it comes to taking care of their social media presence in a way that is interactive and time saving.

Normally people interact with their email by hitting reply or forward and when it comes to getting notifications from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter then you have to click on a link, go to a new tab, sign in to you account and then do what you went there to do and its all very time consuming and counter productive especially when you are online advertising and have so many other things to do.

PowerInbox has been my saving grace to be honest as I spend a lot less time going from social account to the other social account to answer mail and I actually get things done a lot faster, which makes what I am doing a lot more productice and effective.

Here is the video that is on PowerInbox to help show you how this Productivity tool works

 PowerInbox works in all these mail clients


and you can see interactive content in your emails from

and even
The White House

I’ve noticed a new feature ( at least to me)  that PowerInbox has added in the last while and its very cool. when you click on your twitter mail, you can do the usual tasks of following, favoriting and replying to your followers, but they have added a search function on your email of other followers that you can follow right from your email. When your hover your mouse over a person, you will see their bio and you can follow them if you want. Here is a screenshot of one of the searches to show you what I mean…

Showing how PowerInbox can save you time with your online advertising be being more effective

 One last thing before you return to your online advertising…with PowerInbox you can add even more  interactive functionality to your email templates such as adding social media buttons that will allow users to like,tweet and share right inside their email. 

You can download PowerInbox here -> Download

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