Downline Building: Please Don’t Join My Team!

Downline Building:  Please Don’t Join My Team!

Downline Building:  Please don’t join my team unless you’re prepared to work and prove you’re serious!

by Dave Cottrell

A challenge that most professional online network marketers, both in the MLM industry and in affiliate marketing, have to deal with is deadwood in their downlines.  This makes it very important for the pros to be picky about who they accept into their downlines.  In other words, those who want to really be a part of their downlines need to qualify, just like they would have to if they applied for a position in the offline world.  Downline Building for the future

I believe in the power of downline building for affiliate marketing.  It’s a win-win situation.  If you’re a part of my downline, I’m going to train you.  You are going to make money because you’ve been properly trained, and I’m going to make money because I’ve trained you properly.  Together, as a TEAM, we are building our future and a better retirement than most even dream of.

But when it comes to my downline building process, which I’m putting a lot of time and effort into, I am going to politely as you not to join my team unless you’re serious about making money and seriously prepared to work.  Otherwise, all you’re doing is wasting my time and fooling yourself. 

Don’t join every new “business opportunity” that you come across – no matter how good it looks! The vast majority of would be online entrepeneurs do this, and that is why the vast majority of online entrepeneurs are not making a dime.

This is also why your downlines (if you have any) probably suck.  They’re just repeating what they’ve learned.

(If you have one good downline in one good program, congratulations! You’re already on your way to success!  Dump the rest and work with the good one.)

A downline isn’t very difficult to create. However, a good downline takes some real effort to develop. That’s because good downlines are really a network of friends, not a bunch of usernames you’ve been whipping to try to whip up a paycheck for yourself! Friends are people who get along well with one another, because they have similar interests, ethics and values.

That’s why I say, “Please don’t join my team if you don’t intend to do anything! I don’t WANT you in my downline if you don’t want to work!” I enjoy working, and working with my friends is especially enjoyable.  Downline building is fun when your downline is fun to work with.

You are far better off to have a small dedicated team than a large, dead downline. You want to have a downline that you can communicate with and continue building and strengthening relationships within.

Far too many people fail in network marketing, because they fail to network! Networking is not about building a huge downline all by yourself. Networking is about working with a group of friends, your small team, then teaching and helping them to do the same. All those little networks (or downlines) are all linked together as part of the larger network (that big downline).  

Think of G+ or Facebook and what makes them so successful!  They are going by the old children’s song, “If my friends are your friends and your friends are my friends, the more we get together, the happier we’ll be.”  If you look at the way everything connects on G+ (Facebook is really the same), all those circles are connected to one another in some way.  Each person on this planet is only a few friends away from anyone else!  So make sure to be a good friend to everyone you meet.  You have no idea just how close you are to your next team member!

When someone first signs up for your business opportunity, contact that person immediately and give a warm and friendly welcome. Offer your support. Ask the person to join your opt-in mailing list.  Get them on your Adlandpro friends list.  Included them in your circles on G+.  Friend them on Facebook.  The more lines of communication you open up, the better you will be able to keep in touch.  

Don’t sweat it when people sign up under you in something you’re doing, then you are never able to contact them.  That’s a terrific way to keep them off your team!

Most people who sign up for my offers don’t even reply to my email. Very few ever reply. You know what? That’s GREAT!! With one simple email, I weed out the vast majority of the deadwood in my downline. I don’t want them, I don’t worry about losing them, and I’m happy I don’t have to waste any time trying to work with them. That gives me much more time to work with the people who are really serious about their future, the people who will become my friends.  This is the kind of downline building I like!

There is a reason why so few people answer my email. They are the people who are joining far too many programs and businesses to ever be able to succeed with any of them. They promote one program for a day or so, don’t make any money, find another program that promises a quick return and join it, and continue on the same way, ad nauseum. They are just like a gerbil – just spinning their wheels and going nowhere. Until they stop and choose one really solid, lasting business to work with and actually work with it, they won’t make any money.

Is this you? Stop it!! Choose a real business and start working. There is no other way. And please don’t join MY team unless you plan to drop the others and run with mine! (OK – I’ll let you keep a few if you can handle it!)

If you​’re finding your downline frustrating and ineffective, don’t worry about it. Keep meeting new people and developing new relationships.  Don’t try working with the folks who won’t work, but work to find the ones who will.  A few really good people are better, by far, than a whole lot of bums.

If the people in your downline are sitting on their duffs and are not interested in working with you, forget them! Their interests are not the same as yours, and you will never develop much of a relationship with them.

Do work at downline building. But build a solid team of dedicated people who want to work with you. These people will become your friends over time. They take time to find, but the time is well spent. Not all of them will succeed and some of them will quit, but some will stay and succeed and so will you.

Best of all, you will make lifetime friendships. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Dave Cottrell is the Adlandpro affiliate manager.  You can read his bio at



  • I like your thinking Dave and its one that needs to be shouted to the “masses”. so many times in the past I will see people join a persons downline, not do any work ( or feel that all they have to do is post a few links) and then wonder why they are not making any income and more important why they are looked at with disdain.

    It really is a proven fact that when you get a group of people together and they help each other, create strategies and *work* together, then they are all winners.

    In some ways and I know this will sound harsh, but a dead downline is kind of like a deadbeat parent..they want the rewards, but are not willing to put in the work!

    • You hit the nail on the head, Diane. There is a very sad mentality, especially in our western world, of entitlement, the idea that I should have without working for it. This has spilled over into the online world in a very big way. The vast majority of people who are trying to make money on the internet are not doing it because they are looking for a new and exciting career (work), but because they are trying to win the lottery (no work). This kind of laziness is slowly ruining our once great western economies.
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