eBay Seller tips

eBay Seller tips

eBay seller tips that might be of use to you


When it comes to using Ebay for selling and buying, I can confess outright that I am less than a novice.

I did manage to get my courage up to buy a product a year ago and talk about being nervous- let me count the ways lol.

While that may sound very silly to people who buy and sell on eBay on  a frequent basis, it’s a very normal feeling for those who have never done it and have few concepts on what to expect.

Now I know there are a lot of people who are using eBay for selling and making a good income from it and I have to admit that selling on eBay  has been a topic of interest for me since I bought that product ( P.S it came within a couple of days in the original packing and has been working like a charm since I got it.)

Considering how many of these “same” products were on eBay, I had to question myself, what drew me to that particular listing of the “adobe PDF maker” where I felt that this was the best listing for me and where I said “yes” to buying this product.

I think there were a few factors to be honest, of course there was the price ( which was decent- but not the cheapest) to the title,the  description  and the images that were shown.

I think that for anyone who is wanting to sell on eBay you need to learn what the best ways are to becoming  a seller on eBay.

I made the decision to do the research (the first thing you should do if you want to get into any form of  online business) and I talked to a  people who gave me their thoughts about eBay- the good and the bad and they gave me tips on different things to look at and watch out for.

While I still can’t say that I am an expert by any means, I do have enough knowledge to say that if I decided to go into this form of business, I would have a better chance of being successful than someone going in blind.

Instead of putting in a lot of text, I decided a good way to help show these eBay seller tips would be on an infographic.

Unfortunately the links for the resources did not show on the infographic, so I am putting  them here. With all the different tips I have read  and shared with people who sell on eBay, they all have said that these eBay seller tips are good, up to date and there were a couple they didn’t think of.  

One person did advise me to not go into selling digital products like laptops etc as it would be difficult to compete with the big companies.  Sounds fair to me – do you agree?



77 Tips and Tools for Selling on The New eBay via Skip McGrath

11 Critical Tips On How To Sell More On eBay via James Bruce
How to Sell on eBay via Tony Hyman 

TOP 10 EBAY TIPS FOR SELLERS via New Life Auctions

51 Secrets to eBay Success via GISELA M. PEDROZA



I hope that this article will help you if you ever decide to be a seller on eBay, like anything you do, you need to be sure of what you are getting into and be prepared for a learning curve. I know for myself, understanding the market helped a lot in me seriously contemplating getting into this kind of business.  One last point I would add – many of the tips can be adapted to many if not all kinds of marketing, from affiliate marketing to having your own store.

If you have any tips that you would like to share, then please leave a comment on the form below.
eBay Sellers Tips



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    I will implement and improve my own sale and advertising quality when selling on e.bay.
    The main problem i have found concerning having a really picture of the items that are being advertised for sale are important .
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